I usually eat breakfast two hours after waking up. Is that okay?

Justin Z.
I think it's okay. Having time to do other parts of your routine first can be a good thing before breakfast. Whatever suits!

Christy C.
There is no problem with eating 2 hours after you wake up as long as the breakfast is still nutritious and keeps you energised through the day

Pinkfreud N.
I think it's better after one hour. But it depends for what you do in life. Generally I prefer to eat it after few minutes.

Chloe G.
Yes, it gives your body & mind more time to determine if they're hungry & how hungry. Its important to listen to your bodies hunger cues and not just eat because you're "supposed to"

Sierra P.
I also don't usually eat breakfast right away. I think the best way is to Kickstart your metabolism before adding a lot of food to your system. Drink your water. Add some lemon and ginger to it too. I made overnight oats last night so that the difficulty of breakfast prep didn't prevent me from eating it (if that's your reasoning)

Vittorio A.
Every body is different! I would recommend if you don’t already, to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake so your body has something to use for the 2 hours before you eat. This could be because you eat dinner late maybe? So your body isn’t hungry when you wake up. I eat pretty much as soon as I wake up because I’m so hungry. But I eat dinner around 5:30pm! You could try eating dinner earlier if you want to eat breakfast earlier since 2 hours is quite a while for your body to go without food when you haven’t eaten since last night. Have a great day!!!