What is your morning excercise routine?

Marialda C.
Getting supplement. After at least 1h, drinking a glass of water and then drinking a cup of coffee. Washing hands and face. Breakfast.
Maya O.
I don’t really have one but I want to focus on my stomach thighs and Glutes and I wanna feel refreshed and healthy I wanna feel good about myself and look good ❤️
Josefine E.
I usually walk 1-3 miles Monday- Friday before work. Since it's winter I've only been doing 1 mile but once it warms up I'll be back to doing more
Rosvita F.
A workout from Fitness Blender's YouTube channel either upper or lower body, more than 30 minutes as well as some exercises from the "Perfect posture" app.
Renee Q.
On the weekends, I workout for an hour in the morning. On school days, I don’t have time to work out in the morning, so I do it after school.
Iz F.
I'm starting with the 7 day 7 minute challenge to help me get into a routine! After I complete this challenge 💪🏼 I'm hoping to start running 3-4 times a week to build my endurance and keep me healthy.
Makaronas Z.
My morning exercises are yoga, kundalini yoga – it's very powerful 💪 and breathing practise. Every morning, event weekends.
Ain Z.
I run every morning around the complex. I do it in the morning when the streets are still quiet to avoid crowds. After running, I did a full body workout for about 15 minutes.
Rachel O.
Haha I don't really have one yet. Mostly, I try to wake up on time, pray and do my stretches before breakfast. I used to have a skincare routine too, but its been sometime since I've engaged with it. Its been a work in progress. I encourage you to find what works for you- what makes you happy for the day and what energises you and place that right in the morning.
At the moment the fab app has only 2 tasks. Drink water and eat a great breakfast. I hope this helps, have a great day/night!
Shirley T.
I love 💕 my morning routine! I start the day out very simple. First I drink one or two glasses of water. Then I write ✍️ down what I eat for breakfast. That’s good 😌 for me because it keeps me on the path of staying healthy. Lastly I listen to the coaching session. Great way to start the morning!
Shane Q.
I do 25 push-ups and plank for 45 seconds. I increase the amount of push-ups and the time of the plan by 5 push-ups and 15 seconds as I feel I get better. My goal by the end of the month is to be able to do 30 push-ups and a 1 minute plank.
Ang Le W.
For my morning exercise I do a 7 minute workout, I could do a 1 minute workout but if I do a 7 minute workout a push myself a little bit to do more.