Does eating breakfast influence the outcome of your day?

Amado E.
It didn’t used to. I was not a breakfast person. But I’m trying to get more protein and fiber in my diet so my breakfast of choice does that.
Kassiane C.
Yes. The main thing is that I end up eating less and this helps me with me weight. Also, I feel less lethargic as the morning goes by
Edgar U.
I need to eat to take my meds in the morning…so aside from maintaining my health, it really helps me focus because I’m not hungry waiting for lunch. I just feel better.
Brian O.
Yes, it usually makes be more hungry during the day! Maybe because I didn't have good breakfast habits, I usually feel more in the need to have a snack when I eat breakfast
Gustav E.
It surely does.It Keeps my energy up and focused at least until lunch,when
I get really hungry if I dont have a snack in between.
Burkard R.
It is too early to say. I eat breakfast only for two days. I think that it helped me concentrate more but i cant say i am sure yet. I Will keep eating breakfast for a week and after monitoring my Day i Will be more helpful!
Eddie Y.
I notice that it is harder for me to have a good day and not need a nap 💤 in the afternoon if I skip breakfast 🍳 in the morning. It doesn’t have to be anything huge but sometimes something as simple as a piece of fruit 🍌 and a glass of milk 🥛 is enough to wake up my metabolism and keep me from crashing later in the day.
Ros Rio F.
It serves as a time for myself and gives me a chance to feel nourished and fulfilled. It helps me to focus and feel ready to take on the day.
Felismino C.
I eat breakfast a little later because I want to work out before I eat. It does feel better when I've had breakfast. Otherwise I still feel hungry at times and that affects my mood negatively.
R Mi Y.
Gives me more energy to complete my morning tasks, otherwise I find myself working my schedule around lunchtime and things get delayed. I am mostly productive in the morning so I try to get fueled and get on
Grace Q.
Yes. It makes me focused because my body is satisfied and prepared to work. It ensures that I don’t get too hungry and over eat for lunch. Breakfast keep my meals on plan and makes me have to prepare for my day because I have to plan early what I want to eat. Making breakfast in the morning can throw out your time, so know you will eat it and prepare for it doesn’t hold me up in the morning. I also think of different options so I don’t get burned out on the same thing.
Charlotte A.
For me personally, it does. It makes me feel like I can get through the day being healthy and accomplising my goals but also helps me get less cravings for junk food throughout the day 🙂
Beatrice U.
Yes, it sets me up for a better day. I'm not hungry/grouchy too early at work. I don't eat lunch too early (when I eat lunch too early, it makes the rest of my day drag.)
Lynn C.
Yes, it does. I feel more energized, plus you need breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and its easier to start a healthy lifestyle with that.
Lohan O.
Eating breakfast every morning is a small step that really helps me to connect with myself and help me feel more alive I guess. even something as small as taking an apple with me to eat on my drive to work is huge.
Annegret F.
By eating breakfast I have a way of to gain energy and feel like i can go and head into my day with this positive energy. Because I feel like breakfast is a way to give you your first dose of positive energy after detoxing all the negative energy the night before. Breakfast is a great way to start a happy day
Hanife X.
I was always a skip breakfast sort of person until I had to take some medication. I got really sick if I didn’t eat with the tablets. This forced me to be disciplined in eating breakfast. Now it’s a breeze and it really helps me be regular with bowel health. Win-Win!
Thomas Y.
Absolutely. A great breakfast replenishes your body with the vital nutrients that help you perform well during the morning.
Steve U.
Yes, I'm a night owl so I'm never hungry in the morning. But I find when I eat a big hearty breakfast I have more energy throughout the day and am less likely to take a mid day nap.
Marilou U.
Yes it does! Eating a good breakfast fuels me for the rest of the day. I personally love eating breakfast, so not only is it a good start of the day it’s also very yummy!
Franca F.
It depends on the breakfast. If I have eggs and plain Greek yogurt then yes. I have a more energized day. However, I can also skip breakfast and have energy as long as I break my fast by 12 with protein and veggies.
Gene O.
Yes, I need to get something into me that’s not carb driven to give me fuel for the day. I start to eat unhealthy if I don’t have breakfast just because I am starving
Nicholas P.
As I am new to the breakfast eating regiment, I cannot help but notice the the increase of energy, it’s wonderful to have a pace, and the support to follow through on challenges
Lou Q.
Yes, absolutely. It boosts your mood and confidence like a magic wand. I’d definitely recommend starting to eat breakfast.
Alo S W.
Absolutely. If I eat a healthy, balanced breakfast with plenty of water, I start the day off with my first decision to love and take care of myself. And it’s easier to follow suit the rest of the day than to re-start myself.