How do you keep breakfast interesting and fast?

Esmeraldo Z.
Before I started fabulous, I never really ate breakfast in the morning, if I did it was probably just a piece of a granola bar and then after that I would leave and go to school still hungry. I realized that this wasn't healthy so I started fabulous. It helped me so much and now I usually eat a yogurt on the go. I do get bored of yogurt, so sometimes I will make a bagel or some toast and eat that on the way to school. I am really impressed with how much I improved on everything. I love fabulous and I hope to use it for a long time!!!
Ol Mpio Y.
I dont really know. My breakfast is fast , I guess since I eat the same thing every morning so I can prepare it quite fast.
Alexander W.
I think one thing to keep it interesting is to make it colourful. It looks more appealing amd exciting to try new flavours. You can vamp up a simple bowl of oats by adding berries chai seeds and see the colours meld together. Delicious
Frida N.
It only takes a few minutes to put granola in bowl with milk and berries. Having the berries handy really makes it because they are such an energy boost! Also having a low-cal low-sugar granola ready to go is helpful. I also like to do the same breakfast for several days in a row. I might make a switch week to week. Next week I'm thinking about hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and celery for breakfast. Yum!
Gary G.
Have a couple of staple meals that are quick to make and that I enjoy, while also have the option to make more elaborate meals when I can
Giesela F.
My breakfast is not interesting. I don't have time to get creative in the mornings. I just make my breakfast items are ready to go.
Lucas Z.
I downloaded an app and signed up for a weekly newsletter that provides recipe ideas suitable for my diet (vegan). I also go to the library and check out cookbooks and take photos of the recipes I want to try. And sometimes just changing an ingredient or two from a recipe I already know makes it new and interesting.
Naja A.
I don't keep it interesting? I eat yogurt and fruit and sometimes nuts and sometimes some chocolate. Simple and filling stuff mostly. Easy stuff always.
Jadirene F.
My breakfast is boring but i love it. Lots of protein to get me started on a great day. Cottage cheese and peanut butter energy bites. Both very simple.
Cody F.
I know what is good for me, a combination of simple carbs, like fruit, and a simple protein. Have it ready or easily accessible before I go to bed oh, then I don't have time to get distracted and eat something less nutritious
Victor G.
I usually eat oatmeal snack bar and drink low fat milk, don't know if it's healthy but at least it's healthier than other breakfast
Nadin E.
I usually want to make my breakfast beforehand so it can make it easier for me to save time and I can make a fast, easy and healthy breakfast
Ramona C.
Breakfast isn't too interesting, I eat because I have to. I think since I've made time to eat I have been able to see that food puts me in a good mood and I have energy.
Jonas P.
I switch between a few options like eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurts, and fruit. They all only take a few minutes to make.
Roberta S.
Berries and serving size packaged nuts. Simple, fast, and interesting. It goes well with a glass of orange juice which also keeps you hydrated and energized
Victoria Y.
I try to look out recipes online that are fast, nutritious and easy; also I live near a supermarket, so sometimes I buy differents fruits to change, and it's cheap.
Kent Q.
Well I love fruit, so I keep plenty on hand. So in the morning I serve up some yogurt and I dip a banana in it and eat the yogurt with the banana. Or some times for breakfast I just have a small serving of Just Right cereal with skim milk.
Maelya T.
I make one of three things for breakfast: 1. bread with caviar(the Norwegian cheap kind) and scrambled eggs on top 2. Fried rice with eggs and vegetables (using the frozen pre cut ones, faster that way) 3. Oatmeal with some fruits and/or nuts on top, I crack a egg in that too! Just add it after it's done and steaming hot and stirr og around, it sounds weird, but it makes the oatmeal more "puffy" and a lot more filling
Max F.
Well, uh- I just normally have brown bread with cheese, egg or chicken. Sometimes, mostly when on a hurry, I have cereal and oatmeal water. I avoid fast sugars, and strive to get some protein sources in my breakfast.
Frida X.
I usually pick something that I love and eat it until I want something else that keeps it fast because it’s consistent and interesting because I enjoy it at the time
Stella O.
Egg pancake.
1 egg
1 table spoon of oats
A little bit of cheese
Some spices (black pepper, chives, parsley)
A cup of tea 😁
Scott O.
I ate things like fruit and yogurt on fast paced days. Cereal, when I had a bit more time. More fancier meals on weekends, to have something to look forward too.
Suzanne O.
I eat the same thing for breakfast every week day: a little package of trail mix. With various nuts for lasting nutrition and chocolate for a small sugar rush, it’s a perfect breakfast for someone like me. I’m not hungry in the mornings but I know I need food to get through the first part of the day, and I don’t have much time to eat. Trail mix is the thing for me!