Is 3 spoonfuls of peanuts butter considered a healthy breakfast? Asking for a friend.

Alireza T.
Yeah, in the mornings, our bodies have used most of their fuel from the other day, so if wanna have an extra calorie, breakfast is the best meal slot
Jeanette N.
I do not believe this is considered a heathy breakfast. Peanut butter is high in calories and although it’s composition is high in protein, a breakfast should be something that will fuel your brain until lunch. Eating a combination of fruits and oats or cereals, eggs, and staying hydrated is a more healthy way to start the day
Patricia E.
i feel like it’s okay if you decide to eat that once, but I doubt it’d be healthy to eat only peanut butter every breakfast 🙂
Irina O.
I usually have 2 to 3 I think it depends on the things you are eating it with! Though have everything in moderation there’s no harm in having a bit more than 2! It’s not like you’re eating the whole pot! ❤️
Marian F.
Yes it's healthy but if it is with bread and healthy drinks just 3spoons of it is healthy but i think a little more to eat is better
Ashley E.
Umm it’s healthy and I’m pretty sure peanut butter is good for you so yes I think!! Sorry if I did not give you the response you wanted.