What do you eat for breakfast if you only have a little time?

Joyce P.
Overnight oats. I leave oats with chia seeds, dates, cinnamon, almond milk and some fruit the night before and in the morning you have a healthy, filling and delicious meal ready to eat.
Alexander U.
Just grab some toast and put on things such as honey, peanut butter and banana or butter for a tasty meal. If you would prefer something with more protein, you can have skyr with granola and frozen fruits for a delicious and simple parfait. Hope that helped!
Lino Z.
Oatmeal. Takes little time to prepare. And you have the option of overnight oats, so all you need to do in the morning is take it out of your fridge and them eat
Ritu C.
I eat 4 bread with butter and a cup of tea if th e read is not available then I eat an omlete and being an Indian you can't have a great day without having a cup of in the morning it gives a kick-start
Eva J.
i just eat a piece of bread or biscuits and a cup of black coffee.but if im rushing have no time, i skip breakfast and have lunch instead
Emmeline N.
When I have little time, I usually make a cup of tea (I like green) and take a spoonful of peanut butter with a little chunk of fruit. However, I do suggest that you should change your schedule if you are on a slight rush in the morning. I would suggest to have about one hour in the morning to get ready.
Ethan O.
I like to keep small things like fruit, yoghurt, nuts, and seeds lying around. I usually snack on then throughout the day, but if my morning is a little busy, I'll pick some up for breakfast.