Is going to the gym too much a bad thing?

Louis P.
Nope of course !!
I always eager to go to the gym and make a healthy and fit body💪🏼😚
I decided to go to the gym since last summer but because of Crona virus I can't 😩😟
Helena Z.
It’s not a bad thing so long as it doesn’t get in the way of normal life and your not going to the gym to avoid having to do something else. If you enjoy the time you spend at the gym it is worth it and it’s good if it makes you feel good. However be sure to take a suitable amount of rest depending on the exercise you do
Ethan O.
That depends on what you think too much is. You need to give your body time to recover from a workout. That usually means that you shouldn’t lift weights to target the same muscle group two days in a row, but a one day rest for that muscle group is usually sufficient (though it’s fine to wait longer). The most important thing is to listen to your body. When you feel like you haven’t recovered from your last workout (of the same muscle group), maybe take it easy for a day. Still go to the gym and do something to build/maintain a habit of going, but don’t think you have to go all out when you’re still sore from last time.
Bertha S.
I think so. It cause me feel insecure looking to others 'succesful' body. I feel the urge to push myself- just later i feel down and unmotivated. For me it is better to exercise in the park, or jogging in our neighbourhood area. More relax and enjoy.
To be honest , i am not a big fan of weigh lifting and etc(regarding machine) .
Wishy Z Z.
It isn't about good or bad in my opinion. It's rather on how I attach ease to going to gym. For e.g. if it takes effort for me to go or I attach pain towards it, I might skip but if I do workouts at home or build a space for me at home then it will be easier as compared
Angel Z.
I'm not sure how much "too much" is for you but for me too much is forcing myself to go to the gym even if my physicality doesn't agree for me to do so. Therefore I would likely say that it is a bad thing but if you mean going to the gym maybe twice or 3 times a day, then I wouldn't really say it is a bad thing, unless you lose track if time of other important things. Gym is a great way of keeping your physical, psychological, emotional self healthy.
Romina Z.
No, it is not because it is a healthy to build your endurance and physical activity through going to the gym everyday, also it could be just 30 mins and would be great!!
Mya O.
I'm not fond of exercising with company that's why I prefer the privacy of my home. At home, I can move without pressure from others. I can stretch without fear of exposing body parts. At home, I can be mindful of my movements and enjoy the quiet.
Farida X.
If you have just started,then absolutely,since you aren’t used to it,it could take a negative toll on your body,even if you are used to it you could injure yourself,if you are doing full body workouts I would suggest twice a week at most
Brandon R.
Too much of anything isn’t good. When it comes to exercise, I’d rather do just enough whilst being consistent with my workout routine (i.e. daily) over doing too much and end up skipping workout the next day due to feeling sore / exhausted.
Don O.
if you go every single day and you do heavy workouts without alternating,
your muscles won’t get to recover. but if you work on different groups of muscles each day and not such a heavy workout while taking a break every 3 days then you should be good 🙂
Isabella T.
Yes, going to the gym is fine but going to much can overstimulate your body and when in old age relaxation can be a problem
Stella Q.
Heyyy, there’s no “too much” if u like it then u like it there’s no how mich time you should go to the gym. The most important is ofc about you, feeling good so if you feel good about how much times you go to the gym is always right:)
Ella A.
It is different for every person. Some people might go to the gym every day, some every week. It’s not a bad thing at all. I would even consider it a good thing.
Iva N.
Naaaaah. Js rajs tecm na stadjonu mpak fitnes bi biu tut cis kul pomoje. Ni cis moja naj stvar sam tut nebi cis skodla al
Teresa U.
Yes, sometimes going to the gym too much isn’t good. Your body needs breaks in between for it to heal, especially if you’re just starting to exercise/ getting back into exercising. You could go to the gym every day of the week if you wanted, but make sure you aren’t doing anything super intense every day. Hope this makes sense! 🙂
Marjorie U.
It depends on your mental heatlh. Do you see going to the gym like a way to burn some calories or more like a way to relief the stress of the day? Reflect on this.
Diana S.
No, it isn't. Going to the gym, for me, is a moment where I can take out the problems, difficulties and all stuff that is in my mind and allows me to focus in myself
Andrew J.
That depends. If you are going and lifting weights every day with no time for your body to recover that can be less than great. But if you are going and varying what you’re doing, a combination of cardio and weight training and active rest recovery then going everyday is not bad.

The gym is one of the only safe places to walk/run where I live, as there aren’t sidewalks and the speed limit is dangerously high for outdoor exercise.

So, vary your workouts, including active rest days (30-60 minutes of low intensity movement: walking, yoga, or something like that). Every day doesn’t have to be a “hard” day at the gym.

Pedro B.
Enjoying going to the gym is subjective. Perhaps some people will be happy to practice sports in a different environment and to make it competitive rather than just going to do muscle exercises. It is more likely for people to engage in sports-related activities whereas they do not feel connected to that particular sport. Ultimately, we should do our way of maintaining physical strength
Villads B.
Going to the gym is great for your body but it takes time to see results so push yourself but not too hard and listen to your body.
Sofi Z.
I think doing anything in excess can lead to unwanted consequences or negative outcomes- this doesn’t necessarily make it a „Bad“ thing, just something you need to be mindful about. In the case of going to the gym, I think there are two major ways it can become a negative habit.

The first way is the obvious one- working out to the point of injury or serious pain. The body can only take so much strain at a time, so rest and recovery is just as important to the fitness process as the exercise itself, and there needs to be space for it built into any successful gym schedule.

The second way going to the gym too much can become harmful is a little bit more subtle. It’s when you start pushing aside or delaying other things that you need to do in order to go out to the gym. It‘s really easy to fall into that cycle- after all, going to the gym feels like a very tangible positive thing to be doing. You’re getting out of your usual space, focusing on a goal, and getting a lot of physical feedback that makes it really clear that you’re doing something. Because of that, it‘s easy to prioritize going and getting that feedback over something else that might be more nebulous, or more unpleasant to work on.

Of course, in both of these cases, the only one that can determine how much is too much is you. So, I encourage you to engage in some mindfulness next time you go to the gym. Ask yourself some questions on your way there and back- Is there something I’m putting off? Do I feel guilty about avoiding something? Am I sore, or is there an injury creeping up?

The hard part is over, you made it to the gym in the first place and are cementing it in your routine! Now, just start adding in some mindfulness and you’re well on your way to success!

Ghazaleh N.
Going to the gym can be dangerous if you put your health at risk, but going to the gym everyday to try to become healthier and/or stronger isn’t a bad thing
Sandra T.
I would reflect on why you feel the need to go. Are you trying to escape something? Are you addicted to the high? Is it needed for your goal? Is it part of a routine? Do you like the gym? If you have a good reason, go for it! If it is something you are doing with no purpose or to numb your feelings,avoid doing other things or because you are bored, maybe choosing something that will help you look inward is better. Good luck!
Angie Y.
It depends, 'cause I like how I feel full of energy after gym, but I don't particularly like the fact that I exercise with other people, because I don't like my body and I feel clumsy
Thibaut A.
I would say that doing anything 'too much' is a bad thing, if you want to live your best life you need to make sure everything is balanced. That balance looks different for everyone of course. And with making 'going to the gym' balanced its important to make sure that there is enough time between visits so that your body can fully recover! Hope this helps 🙂
Joseph U.
Going to the gym is very good for you. Don’t lift waits everyday and don’t rush through it. Try to do it every other day and switch the workout from legs arms core stretching and running.
Viviane P.
I love going to the gym. Once I get into a rhythm in going on a daily basis, I really enjoy it. After not going for a while, it's hard getting back into it but I just push myself.
Kevin T.
If you think it's too much, it might be. Ask a doctor, therapist, and/or good friend what they think, and keep that advice in mind as you make your own decision.
Nicole T.
No I haven't been to a gym I just work out at home because I have my own but going to the gym too much is probably bad because you overwork yourself but staying fit and healthy is most important.
Cl O C.
No…its a good destresser and being somewhere where others workout gives you motivation. But I prefer to workout from home because its free but also more flexible with what I can do
Angelika Z.
I even prefer going to the gym! I like lifting weights, being with people and having my excercise done intsively and fast!