What is considered an appropriate “big breakfast”? Does having a big breakfast help you to lose weight or should you avoid it?

Paulina N.
A big breakfast is a breakfast to give you energy throughout the day. It doesn’t mean having a lot on your plate. It’s not bad if you are trying to lose weight, on the contrary, as someone who wants to lose weight, eating breakfast is ok. It’s good to have a big breakfast because it allows you to continue your day confident and spirited. Besides doing exercise afterwards helps your metabolism which is something that does take part of your weight. Eating a big breakfast makes me happy because my belly knows it’s going to be ok.
Clara E.
No it's the big problem if u eat a big breakfast, u should eat what u need and stop before getting full . Also breakfast better contains healthy food
Get Lio A.
First of all losing weight is not my goal. A big breakfast is fine. I practice the tenants of intuitive eating. I let myself eat what I want and trust that my body knows what’s best. Especially incorporating a big of gentle nutrition protein fat fiber and carbs each meal. I like a big breakfast. It makes me feel full.
Eli Zer N.
I would say a breakfast that will fill you up. If the breakfast is too big for your liking, it won’t do you any good. It can be a normal size breakfast that will fill you up and give you energy or a short breakfast that will get you enough energy until your next meal.
Andre P.
Have a good big breakfast, fruit, a milkshake, a toast with low calorie spreading, and plenty of water. Or a noodle with low calorie with green vegetables. Or two idli/dosa with low calorie batter with optimum chutney is fabulous as a big breakfast. Eat breakfast that fills your stomach, doesn’t make you sleepy or go for a snack. Eat a big breakfast that fills your body with gush of energy!!!
Affu U.
Not too filling that will make you drowsy but healthy that will give you enough energy to start the day and stay active to get things done