Are boiled eggs good enough for breakfast and how often can I eat them during the course of the week?

Name F.
Well i ate 3 of them them every day it was in my morning routine, they are filled with proteins and are great after exercise, but after 3-4 month I just couldn’t handle them anymore, not because i don’t like them or anything I like hard boiled eggs, but now I need to rest from them for a while. So my advice would be to eat them but diversify don’t eat them everyday, I haven’t tried yet how much you should eat per week but I’ll suggest experimenting with it. Also search how to boil them properly that makes huge difference.
Husam E.
They have a large quantity of protein they will make you feel full for 4 huors at least and you can eat them as muck as you want
Mayar T.
Actually I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but as I know boiled eggs are soo good for break fast and eggs are full of nutrients, and as I heard once that 1 egg is good and enough per day.
Sorry if I have writing mistakes but this is because I'm not a native speaker!!
Salvador Q.
Yes they are, you can eat two boiled eggs every day for breakfast and throw in an apple or any kind of fruit that you love after it if you still feel peckish or hungry.
Eliza F.
As far as I know eggs are a good source of protein. No fat, as far as I know. I would think one each day would be fine although you are changing habits so one every other day might be nice.
Kamlesh X.
I have turned vegetarian recently and I do not eat egg. I don’t know much about that. I have oats, paratha with yogurt or sprouts for breakfast.
Lucas P.
It really depends, i don’t eat eggs anymore because i’m vegan but i used to eat them a lot, i’de say boiled eggs make a good breakfast paring to go with something carb heavy like toast or fruit as eggs contain good protien but not much that will set you up for the day energy wise
Sadie U.
I think boiled eggs are good enough for breakfast. I consider scrambled eggs good, so I don’t see why boiled eggs would be different. I don’t know how often you can eat them though.
Clinton W.
Boiled eggs are excellent for breakfast. They are great for a good start of the day. Add some toasts and you are good to go.