What are some easy, savory breakfasts to prepare the night before?

Taliciana Y.
Look, basically off your rubbish lists, I can only have oats. And prepping that in advance means either Sowans or Bannocks.
Jen Z.
You can wash some apples and bananas and put it in the fridge to give u alittle activity and power with your breakfast the next day ❤
Nadia O.
A good savory breakfast would be like granola with different types of nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds etc.) and fruits with yogurt to give you energy and protein.
Sherry O.
sometimes preparing some eggs, with another protein or some chopped fruit is really easy and good to try. try defrosting a bagel the night before so all you need to do in the morning is pop it in the toaster!
Sheikh N.
A veggie roll is made of various type of veggies and you can even add some choped eghs in there to give it more taste. So,to make it you can add any veghie you like but make sure that your adding more than only one vegetable add 2 or 3. The noght before you gpnna pack it cut the vegetables into really really small pieces like chop them. And after waking up you have to take flour and mik it with egg,a little bit of salt and water(make sure you take it carefullu and maintain the balence) then make flate round and big circles out of it and fry it in oil. And then mix all the choped vegetables together and add masala or ingredients just as you want and add some eggs and then fry them.(make sure to boil the vegetables first) and then put that into the flat bread and you got it.
Francisco R.
I usually do a bowl of oatmeal the night before and put some cranberries or golden raisins in there (Gross old oatmeal I know, I'm weird) but it's simple, easy to eat and the dried fruit makes it just sweet enough to make it special each day.
Kasia Z.
Nie znam takich sniadan. Zazwyczaj jadam swiezo usmazone jajko sadzone z pszenna bulka z maslem. Do tego kawa. Od czasu do czasu zmieniam to na shake banan/awokado. Tak czy siak kawa z mlekiem o poranku jest najlepsza rzecza na swiecie:)