What’s your go-to breakfast?

Joseph Z.
A super smoothie! I blend bananas (frozen or natural), a tablespoon of peanut butter, a chunk of tofu, a teaspoon each of spirulina and peruvian maca, and just enough vegetal milk – usually 1/4 of a cup.
Then i top it off with a full spoon of homemade granola.
Edith F.
Overnight oats or porridge- I use mashed banana and soy milk mixed together as the liquids, steel cut oats,nuts and/or coconut yoghurt
Ana U.
For a quick filling breakfast, I go to Greek yogurt with berries and almonds! On more leisurely days, I love making eggs with lots of veggies and a piece of buttered toast!
Caroline B.
Presently I enjoy a whole grain breakfast cereal/granola with fresh fruits and almond milk. a little on the sweet/high sugar side; regardless I feel good knowing I’m eating whole grains and fresh fruit.
Bernardino S.
Generally I will eat a couple eggs scrambled in ghee – adding chard or kale and various veggies I have on hand. I also pre-make (once a week and freeze) Whole30 approved pork sausage patties and take a few out the night before to thaw for breakfast.
Mabel E.
Oats with coconut oil, protein shake made with protein powder & water.
Closer to competing, I replace the protein powder with egg whites.
Julian C.
Something that’s quick, less tedious to make, easily available. French toast, fruits, cereals, poached eggs, juice, milk, to name a few. I also like a little bit of rice some days; rice with butter (it will provide you with sufficient energy for a long period of hours).
Freja B.
Porridge is simple and easy and can take less than 2 minutes to make the night before. Soak the oats in coconut milk overnight with cinnamon, Maca, nutmeg, vanilla, and protein powder for extra protein. Then in the morning, gently heat and top with fresh banana, peanut butter, sesame seeds and a little more milk. Delicious!
Debra Z.
For a filling and not-too-sugary breakfast, I like having a fried on a piece of toast spread with Promite. It tastes good, is easy to make, and provides protein and energy for the day.
Edna T.
A homemade breakfast sandwich! English muffin, egg, slice of cheese, and turkey sausage (or sometimes, no sausage). Lots of protein and carbs for my early morning workout that follows, and it keeps me full for a long time.
Roberta S.
For me, I love Chocolate! I make a smoothie in the morning with 2 bananas, 2 table spoons cocoa powder, 2 table spoons peanut butter, a scoop of protein powder, a table spoon of coffee and 2 cups milk. It’s so goodnight an filling!
Mason O.
Chia seeds with soy milk (or any vegetable milk), cinnamon powder, chopped fruits (best with strawberries) and you can add some honey to make it sweet 🥰 I leave it ready the night before, except for thw fruits.
Tyler Y.
A bowl of rice porridge or oatmeal + a banana. Could be also complemented by a salmon/caviar/cheese sandwich. Alternatively, an omelette with chicken and tomatoes. And a piece of dark chocolate for good mood)
Peyton J.
A bread omelette filled with bits of cheese and loads of capsicum and mushrooms. Or any other day parantha with a cup of tea.
Hansgeorg F.
1. Oven cooked salmon with rice and steamed brocolli or cauliflower
2.Cashews with buckwheat and steamed vegetables
3.courgette and tomato frittata omelette
Amelia U.
Banana pancakes, cereals, crispbread, yogurt, there are a lot of things you can eat in the morning and combine with fruit
June C.
Breakfast sandwich. I pre-make thin turkey sausage patties and freeze them. Then I just throw it on med-low frying pan straight from the freezer. Fry an egg over medium, toast some whole wheat English muffins. Then I either butter them or just spread avocado on them. Put the egg on top and crack the yoke and spread it around a little. Sausage patty on top and that’s it. I started out putting cheese on it as well… But I’m trying to cut back on that. Sounds like a lot of work but once you do it for a few days I can get one made in less than 5 mins.
Marilu S.
Quick grab & go – Chia pudding with raspberries made the night before.
If I have time to cook – Egg in a hole with spinach.
Joelci S.
Half a cup of oats cooked into porridge with some water and dates. Serve with a dash of milk or cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Really warming on a cold morning and keeps you full for a long time.
Marin Z.
Porridge, yoghurt and fruit, low sugar muesli or poached eggs on toast! It's good to have something that’ll keep you energized and full for a long time. 🙂
Hanne Lore F.
Egg in bread. Bite a hole in the center of a slice of bread and cook the egg in the hole. Gives you toast and an egg without a broken yoke!