Do you read anything during breakfast?

Mathieu F.
No. Because actually i don't really often have a breakfast, so i breakfast almost in lunch time. Yes i'm not reading any book in my breakfast
Rebecca Z.
Sometimes i do! It depends a bit on what kind of day it'll be and whether i have the time for it. For example, on Sunday i eat breakfast with my family, so that's just talking and no reading. When i have to go to uni, most of the mornings i'm very short on time, so then my focus is on getting everything done in time! But on mornings where i do have the time, i think it's very nice to read during breakfast or watch a little tv or show. Reading during my breakfast was one of my biggest habits when i was younger 😊
Ann O.
I personally don't. I find it helpful to just eat, and be mindful while doing it. Notice the tastes, smells, textures, visuals, even sounds. It's a wonderful thing to have food to eat, and a great thing to be thankful for. Practicing gratitude during breakfast can be a little mood booster to start your day.
Stick that gratitude to everything you do. Live in the present. Don't try to multitask unless you have to. Find beauty in the little things. Be mindful. Don't sweat the small stuff. It's all small stuff.

Good luck on your journey, and remember, happiness is a path, not a destination.

Nicole W.
I usually read my phone in the morning.
Check the news
Check messages
Check emails
Look at weather
Look at current hot topics
Funny things
Izzie F.
I don't, I usually listen to what my mother has to tell me, like dreams I can try to figure out what they mean or what she has done before I wake up.
Barbara N.
I don't tend to read anything, I usually like to chat to whoever is in the kitchen with me. But if I'm on my own I might peruse Facebook.
Brooke B.
No, I usually don’t. I like to have my mornings to myself with no distractions. If I did, it would probably be the news or something.
Simon N.
I've been reading 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. It's nice that each chapter is pretty short. It lets me read just one tip if I'm in a hurry, or up to five on a leisurely morning.
Dieter J.
Breakfast currently involves 2 young children so not much time for reading. Previously I would enjoy reading the news over breakfast
Lo S N.
Not usually. I have my breakfast at work most mornings, so if I’m reading, I’m reading the patient’s chart in front of me haha.
Holly G.
No, I prefer to just be in the moment. I try to be mindful about what I’m eating. I find it makes me feel more satisfied and less distracted.
Alexandre B.
Usually just have a look on Facebook news and read an article or two online. Plus check out a daily column I 'm a fun of
H Dieter B.
I often have breakfast in front of my computer, so it is rather common that I check emails or news. However, most of the day's I actually watch some 10 minute video on YouTube.
Tara Z.
I texted my friend to wish her a happy last day at her job. She’s been a great friend and I hope we will stay connected.
Jeremiah Y.
I dont read anything during breakfast but I listen to vivaldi and Bach it helps me relax and concentrate on my food along with it I mentally prepare for my days challenge and the tasks I have set for myself
Valentin Z.
I do not read anything while eating breakfast. I normally focus on eating and drinking plenty fluids. Sometimes I go on my phone.
Alfred O.
No , i don't read anything during breakfast. Actually i dont belive in multitasking and it's better to be concentrate on food at the time of breakfast as i can enjoy my meal.
Santiago E.
No, I don't. I try to focus on what I'm doing, for example when eating. Sometimes is difficult for me to concentrate in one task at the time so that makes me feel I'm doing a lot but at the same time doing nothing at all! So when I'm eating, I try to do it in a conscious way.