What are some quick breakfast options on days you’ve woken up later than usual?

Leslie E.
A banana-blueberry oatmeal bowl. It’s very easy and fast to make. Once you’ve put the oatmeal and banana and milk in a bowl and stirred it, microwave for a minute. After that add toppings eg berries etc. That’s it! 😊😊
Liliana U.
You can’t go wrong with some scrambled eggs on toast. If you’ve got avocado you can smash it and add it too. Oats are a good option too – be it quick or normal. Add some honey, chia seeds and raisins or nuts, depending on your preference. Or if you have some cold cuts you could always make a sandwich- throw together some lettuce, tomatoes (and cheese if you’d like) and take it on-the-go. If you have tortilla wraps you can make it into a breakfast burrito!
Fred O.
I suggest a bowl of oatmeal that you can Jazz up really quickly. It is filling and nutritious. If you have absolutely no time then grab a breakfast bar or piece of fruit at least you are giving your body some energy to work with.
Oliver U.
I don't normally eat breakfast at all. First mean of the deal is usually lunch So this app has actually made me start eating.
Louise X.
Oatmeal that just needs water added and thrown in the microwave for 90 seconds is great! Add some honey and a spoonful of peanut butter and some fresh fruit and you have a healthy nutrient dense breakfast in under 3 minutes.
B N.
• Cliff Bar Energy Bars. The Crunchy Peanut Butter is my fav, 11g of protein per (68g) bar.

• Justin’s Nut Butter. The honey varieties are my favs, 6-7g of protein per 1.15oz (32g) serving.

• Frozen Smoothies. Make ‘em the night before, and grab-n-go in the morning.

Bailey U.
Always make sure that you have something for breakfast. If you don’t have any time at all grab an apple or a banana to give you energy for the day. If you can find enough time, make a coffee or green tea, and slice your apple with some plain yoghurt 🙂
Jenny Z.
On days I don’t have time to whip something up, I grab vegan yogurt sprinkled with granola & nuts. Or, if I’m feeling rebellious against my healthier eating habits, a bowl of cereal.
Logan Q.
I can tell you exactly what I had this morning, since I was running late! I keep apples and bananas on hand almost constantly, and I was smart enough last night to have portioned out some chunky peanut butter beforehand. On my way out the door for work, I grabbed an apple and my peanut butter and picked up some milk quickly at the convenience store downstairs. I think having easy "hand fruits" around is really helpful, because they're super quick to grab on your way out the door.
Alvin Z.
You can prep something the night before: overnight oats, have your smoothie prepped to be blended in the morning, frozen granola and yogurt bars.
Anton W.
Banana to go with a glob of peanut butter. Avoid coffee and sugary drinks, it will lead to a crash is energy. Try prepackaging nuts to bring with you to snack and eat if in a pinch. If you can, have a breakfast drink such as an up&go.
Charles F.
Yogurt parfait is a quick and delicious breakfast for on the go. It only takes a couple minutes to prepare. A second one is a protein shake. Just powder and add water and you’re on your way! Even a piece of fruit or protein bar is good! Never go without food even a small quick snack or you’ll give into temptation once your hunger really hits!
Kenzi W.
A simple piece of fruit or yogurt or even toast.. remember you can always make it brunch instead so don't judge yourself too much on what you have just enjoy it and make it worth while
Elias C.
You can never go wrong with a bowl of oatmeal. Get a high fiber or high protein brand. I also usually grab an apple on my way out the door
Carmen Q.
I make sure that I have something in my bottom drawer at work so that on days where I lie in I can still have a good breakfast. Something like crumpets or some fruit work well as they can last over a week and can also be eaten as a snack through the day.
Lubna N.
Depends. If I am super super late, I eat a banana or an apple, along with a spoon of honey. But usually I prepare a sandwich from the night before.
Marius C.
You are allready late, so 5min more to prepare a smoothie will not change a think. 😉 However fruits are always a good idea for healthy start of the day.