Have any vegan savory oatmeal ideas?

Kiki P.
Make them with half water, half milk. I prefer milk with no additives or fillers (malk, elmhurst, three trees). Also add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, agave or date syrup.
Hans G Nther X.
No I don’t have one but I like to drink coconut water it just gets so expensive sometimes so buying a whole coconut is nice sometimes but idk it’s up to you anyways can I get premium for free? I’ve been a good boi tbh
Brooke P.
Honestly? Straight honey and walnuts sounds pretty good TBH.
Anything berries and cream
I wonder if southern butter biscuits and gravy could be achieved…?
Sarah was always the genius in the kitchen she could cook up some grandmaster Frankenstein alchemical concoctions that tasted phenomenal lol 🤣🙏