What should I try to eat on the mornings I have no appetite?

Matt G.
To be completely honest I’m not really hungry in the mornings either. What helps me however, is having small bites of a food/snack that I really enjoy or a slow small sip from a favorite drink. For example making some nice warm coffee or cocoa or a few bites of your preferred fruit . Sometimes drinking water on an empty stomach makes me feel a bit dizzy so I would recommend taking things slow. My biggest tip is smelling my breakfast while cooking! I know it sound silly, but trust me it really makes a difference! Cooking an egg and ham on a pan, brewing my coffe and slicing my fruits of choice always makes my nose go crazy, which helps insanely much with my apetite! That’s all I can think off, you’re really brave for doing this and finally going against old habits!!! Keep going!
Sprouty N.
Easy foods to get and make, because i would be too lazy to make food that are kind of difficult and it would only drain more of my energy especially with no appetite
Terrance J.
Perhaps something small like buttered toast or a small piece of fruit like a banana or orange maybe? Just something to give you some energy but perhaps won’t fill you up too much
David Z.
An Apple or a few grapes, a small handful of peanuts, a boiled egg, or a small bowl of oats are great options to get that breakfast in ya even when you’re not hungry.
Rafael S.
Try only having some cereal (preferably savoury) or some toast if you can't eat anything make a boiled egg the smell almost always makes me a little hungry, if you don't like eggs/cant eat them mal something that takes some time and smells good. Porrage is also a good choice try and avoid eating anything sweet as it will make you feel less hungry but you will regret it later and will have wanted to eat something more filling.