What prevents you from planning a good breakfast?

Tinaaa N.
For me, it is due to my schedule for school where I wake up and don't have enough time to make something worth while. Then again, I feel as if I make excuses to not plan my breakfast as it take effort to do so.

Midnight N.
I usually never have trouble making breakfast in the mornings, the only thing that would prevent me from getting myself a good breakfast would be not having the food on hand to make one or the energy and motivation to get out of bed to cook

Rose N.
What prevents you from having a good breakfast is an interesting subject. Many people think it’s what YOU prefer but it’s not. You’re body will generally prefer to eat whatever is the easiest to make such as a bowl of cereal. So in conclusion a bowl of healthy cereal would be best to have laying around because it will encourage your body to have a good breakfast.

Felix C.
My mental state. I wake up and think about what I’m going to eat because I know I don’t want what I planned to have last night. If I wake up in a slump, my mood to have breakfast dips. But I still try to eat something.