How do you deal with not having an appetite?

J Q.
Usually I will completely forget about eating and so when I do eat I completely binge eat which is not good obviously cuz that’s how I’ve gained so much but I will usually binge when I get bored and that’s usually how I remember to eat when I’m bored but I’m working on not binging
Ty Z.
If I dont feel hungry but I know I should eat, I'll start by drinking 16oz of water to wake my body up then I'll eat something small.
A N.
If you don't have much of an appetite try drinking protein shakes to keep a boost of energy. If your appetite loss is chronic consider drinking ensure so that you get the nutrients you need and also visit a doctor. Sometimes I just make myself eat something because I know its not good to go a long time without eating. Most importantly whether you are eating a lot or not please stay hydrated you need fluids more than you need food.
Connie S.
if i don’t have an appetite i won’t force myself to eat but sometimes that little push does really help if you are struggling with a long period of time without an appetite
Joann F.
I've never really eaten when I am at school so when I'm not at school I don't eat much throughout the day, I've never really eaten breakfast either except for when I was younger. I don't have time to eat in the morning and don't pack food for school because I forget it's in there then it rots, so I just snack throughout the day then eat dinner.
Eduardo U.
When you don't have an appetite, you might want to consider focusing on eating one large meal per day and light snacks in between. Eating small frequent meals can also be helpful and usually easier on the stomach than Large meals. Light excercise may also help to increase appetite.
Emelie J.
Many times I find myself going to sweets or sugary foods because I feel I must eat at all times. Some times it’s just because I’m bored. But most of times I don’t have an appetite is after exercise, and after my exercise I don’t like to eat. When this happens I just drink lots of water. So I have a few different solutions to no appetite.
Amanda Z.
Every morning I eat something Im always hungry in the morning, but if ur not u can make a smoothie cause its always good or a smoothiebowl or a piece of fruit
Eden C.
if I lose my appetite, i’ll try to eat but sometimes it just doesn’t work lol. I don’t force feed myself, but i’ll try to eat something.
Dorothee U.
I like to watch videos of people making wonderful meals, which make my mouth water. I also remind myself that food is a driving force to have more energy, to feel better.