What is your go-to breakfast for a morning that you are short on time?

Samantha S.
A handful of walnuts or a banana are my go-to items. They are just enough to get me going and are easy to grab on my way out the door. Sometimes I also buy the individual packs of apple slices. Those are easy to grab on the go as well.
Caroline N.
My go to breakfast is a smoothie. I’ve been doing the basic of my recipe for more than 3 year now. It filing and easy to eat on the go also.

1 frozen banana ( make’s it creamier)
5 tablespoon of powder baby cereal ( help to get my iron for the day)
2 tablespoon of powded flax- seed ( good for fiber)
1cup of soy milk ( good for protein)
1/4 cupOatmeal ( goog for protein)
1-2cup of frozen fruits
Top it of with water if needed.
And blend all together. Enjoy!

Lynne F.
I always pack toast, fruit and gummy vitamins for our family that of 5 and we eat on the commute. I know eating in the car is bad but we get up early and always eat well. If we are in a rush, you can do a muffin. Or pack it all the night before. I always cut the fruit fresh.
Naisargi Q.
A handful of granola. This granola is something I got from a store but am aware that it doesn't have added sugars. It has pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and a touch of cinnamon. I usually mixed it with a trail mix of nuts (almonds, walnuts), dried cranberries, and dried mango. This mixture can either be a cereal bowl or by itself.
Ryan T.
I’m not big on breakfast, but my normal go to breakfast is a Nutriment. They’re a great meal replacement when your short on time and keeps you full for a while. Sometimes I’ll probably grab a protein bar or a piece of fruit with my Nutriment and I’m set for the morning. I really hope this helps !
Jona F.
I prepare it the night before so I just grab it and go. I like chia seeds pudding, overnight oats or in the morning some scrambled eggs in the morning.
Madison O.
When I'm short on time I will usually grab an apple or banana and maybe a spoon full of peanut butter the go along with etheir of them.
Jill E.
If I'm ever short for time in the morning, I opt for a piece of whole grain bread with peanut butter and banana slices or a cup of yogurt and high protein granola.
Gabrielle S.
I would have to say oatmeal. It really fills you up and it’s a quick breakfast only takes 2 minutes. It’s also healthy and taste good too
Amanda P.
A hard boiled egg with salt and pepper. I usually cook the eggs on Sunday so I have them in the fridge for the week. If I don't have any eggs ready to go or want a quick change up, I have a banana. It's a great on the go breakfast and it's filling.
Louise P.
Overnight oats is a great solution for a busy morning. The evening before put 1/2 cup of raw oats in a box or bowl with a lid. Add just over 1/2 cup of fluid – recommend a mix of milk (dairy or any non dairy, oat and rice are creamy!) and water. Put 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds. Put lid on box/bowl and shake. Put in fridge.

Ready to eat the next morning – you can add a handful of blueberries, a spoon of yoghurt and a sprinkle of walnuts if you fancy.

E O.
A muffin (perhaps not the healthiest choice) or a fruit. I also feel like nuts or like a cliff bar or something would be a good choice but I’m allergic to nuts so I can’t eat them.
Amanda T.
Having prepared everything on the weekend to be accesible in business days is a good option for save time and assurance that I will take a good breakfast. Just have fruits and vegetables ready for a smoothie with oats or yogurt.
Louise O.
1) any fruit I can grab and go.
2) carve up any melon-s.
3) melon mint, toasted fennel seeds and honey.
4) Greek yogurt, fruit and mint.
5) Aramanth porridge, cream and fruit compote
Ramon F.
– Sandwich with whatever you have ready to eat. Tip: warm it, it will be much tastier.
– Rise/Mais/etc. crackers. Tip: don't add only jam, but cheese, ham, peanut butter or whatever proteins source ready to consume.

P.S. Fruits are obvious addition.

Gordana X.
Usually I take at least 40 mins in the morning to make my breakfast and eat it properly.
Not always I am able to wake up in time for it.
But those days I wake up just 10 mins before I have to leave the house, my fav breakfast is the smoothie.
I have the perfect machine that allows you to mix everything in the cup I am taking with me.
So I just shove all the ingredients in, I go get ready and when I finish I just need to put the lid on and drink my smoothie in the car.
The trick is to leave the basic ingredients easy to reach in a time of hurry and don't panic 😉
Christa F.
– Sandwich with whatever you have ready to eat. Tip: warm it, will be much tastier.
– Rise/Mai's/etc crackers. Tip: don't use only jam, but also cheese, ham, peanut butter or whatever proteins source ready to consume.

P.S. fruits are obvious addition.

Debbie J.
I have porridge, the ones in a packet that are pre measured – and I put water with it – that and a banana is actually really quick and satisfying to grab