What high-protein and low-sugar breakfast ideas do you have?

Kasper E.
I always have been a fan of eating vegetables for breakfast and untraditional breakfast items. So I like to have sauted spinach and onions, with sunny side up eggs on top with a side of Spanish flavored black beans.
Anaim P.
I haven’t checked the macros (protein, carbs, fat) but a breakfast I have been enjoying is a piece of whole wheat avocado toast with 2 hard boiled eggs, and some raw red peppers and blueberries. It’s tasty, filling, and gives me energy after a run.
Bastien Z.
How about eggs? Another thing I’ve done is to make overnight oats with a little bit of protein powder in it. I also really love Siggi’s yogurt. It’s a little on the expensive side,but it has very little sugar in it, especially compared to most convenient yogurts .