Do you have some recipes for the low fat breakfast? Besides oatmeal, fruit with yogurt and bread with ham (I eat them now).

Emily I.
I have a small but filling breakfast with orange juice, water or coffee/tea with 2 slices of brown bread you may put whatever u want in top. Hope the helps! 😊

Kaylee O.
I find it’s always easier to drink your fruits and vegetables in the morning. So if you’re in a rush you can get premias smoothies from the store, or if not blend your own with frozen fruit and almond milk. I always add a little cinnamon, honey, and mixed greens to my strawberry banana smoothie in the morning. Another thing I do when I have more time, is make an omelette. Fry some bacon and whisk some eggs. Sear some onions and mushrooms and set to the side with your bacon. Pour your whisked egg into a well greased pan on low heat, and wait for the omelette to solidify on the bottom before adding you cooked bacon, mushrooms, and some mixed greens. Don’t forget to season to taste and add cheese!

Lorenzo O.
I think that eggs and bread could be a great breakfast, I usually ate them, but now I avoid bread and carbs a little bit, because my body requires protein and fat. Still, I think that this is a great breakfast.