Great breakfast is difficult :( how to solve?

Eva P.
Any fresh fruit and peanut butter combo will do! Breakfast doesn't have to be huge as long as it contains what you need to start the day!
Lucy Y.
I started waking up 30 mins before my usual time and it's not that you have to cook everyday. If I didn't wake up earlier than usual I'd mix some fruits with yogurt or drink a protein shake or eat a diet full fiber cornflakes, but if am really early I cook eggs sometimes boiled and sometimes scrambled etc…
Igor B.
Make breakfast ahead such as one night before oat meal. Mix oat meal, nuts and dry fruit in a bowl and cover with yogurt. Put in fridge over night and eat it with some maple syrup
Ryan E.
Toast and eggs is easy and healthy. Try to always put a vegtable or fruit on your toast: peanutbutter banana, tomato/cucumber (creame) cheese
Molly O.
Once I get up instead of getting dressed I start my boiled eggs that way they’re done once I’m dressed. While I’m preparing the rest of breakfast I pack a light morning snack. Yogurt and blueberries is my favorite. I also pack nuts and other healthy snacks to take throughout the day.
Lia C.
If you aren't adept in the kitchen try some toast and a healthy beverage. The slow release carbohydrates will carry you through the day.
Krystyna O.
The thing that has helped me most is food prep. I am okay eating the same things everyday for a week and then changing it up. If you like eggs, or oatmeal both of those things are great for meal prep. They have delicious egg soufflé muffins and over night oat recipes. All very easy to cook and will be waiting for you each morning. I spend part of my weekend cooking all my food for the week and it has relieved so much stress and helped me make healthy choices because the choice is already made.
Nikolaj F.
Been learning how to do this myself since I have been in a behavioral health class that my hospital plan has available since July this year. Basically I have 250 calories of protein, 150 calories of vegetable and 50 calories of fat. Is amazing how much you can get to eat when you actually PLAN it throughly and healthy (LOL)
Jovan S.
A great breakfast doesn’t have to be a difficult one. I like to stick to steel cut oats and some fruit. It’s not too heavy and just enough energy to get through a morning workout. Find something that you like and can be made without too much effort or something you can set up the night before. The easier it is for you in the morning the easier it will be to stick with it! Stick with it, you got this!
Albert W.
It does not have to be a big breakfast. You could just grab a peice of fruit to start your day. Personally, go for apples/bananas/oranges, they help me feel great in the morning.
Cathy O.
Start to get ready mentally in the evening, think and plan what you gonna eat in the morning. Make alarm easier to have time to prepare your breakfast or prepare it in the evening. As soon as wake up, don’t rush off the bed. Think about ur new healthy habits. And think about healthy breakfast. And motivate yourself to try healthy breakfast just for today. 🙂
Ewen Y.
Food prep in general isn’t difficult for me given my busy schedule. Also, I’m usually not hungry in the morning. But I do feel better and more focused when I have a nutritious breakfast, even if it’s very light.

One of my favorite things to do is make a very simple shake using stuff I can pull out of the fridge and dry storage jars. It consists of:

Walnuts, Almonds, Flax or Chia seeds, Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Spinach, Black Beans, and Coconut Water.

This generally takes just 5 minutes or so to throw togetherness in a blender and serve.

Ant Nio Z.
Chia seeds are great!I put 250g in a container with 500ml almond milk and my choice of flavours – sometimes a few frozen blueberries, sometimes some choc hazelnut protein powder or coconut flakes, shake or stir really well and leave it in the fridge overnight. That's four breakfasts set and ready to go! And super healthy, low carb, high fibre, and contains omega 3.
Ma Lia C.
Prepare something before like an hamburger with vegetables that you heat in the microwave or have have a mix ready with almonds seeds cranberries that you put in a Greek yogurt or eat cottage cheese with pepper and paprika or prepare a cream of proteic chocolate that you can order from Internet the dukan pounder its less than 4 EU in Europe. Or you prepare a cream made of eggs skin of lemon cinnamon or vanilla you just have to add korn pounder instead of flour and its tasty the same and you need just 2 spoons to have like 4 glasses of cream. Or you can have beans cooked from the night before. A smoothie with avocado that you peel and cut and freeze the day before. You can prepare bisquit with whole grain and white of eggs cinnamon chocolate vanilla lemon seeds like kia millet. Or a bar made of seeds cranberries blue berries caramelised with honey in the owen
Thea Z.
I like to prep my breakfast the night before by making overnight oats for example. It’s so simple, quick, and healthy. I usually add protein powder, chia seeds, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, and other superfoods to my oats. Then, I add coconut milk (you can use whichever milk you like) put it in the fridge overnight and it’s ready in the morning! Hope this helps.
Amelia C.
My thing is i have to wake up super early around 2 Am if i want to get my whole morning routine in like making my breakfast and stretching for the morning before i have to leave for work. I dont always wake up directly at 2 sometimes i wake up and 230 or even 3 now my drive is 20 minutes away so that knocks off 20 minutes which makes me rush my only solution will be to wake up directly at 2 then i will have enough time to fit everything in before work (:
Abdias Q.
Tieni sempre in casa frutta fresca, cereali integrali e uno yogurt magro. Se non hai voglia di preparare nulla così sei già sul pezzo.
Enes Q.
Find a quick breakfast recipe or something that can be prepared the night before! Hard boiling an egg with toast only takes around ten minutes and if you make overnight oats, they can last a week!
Wayne Z.
I always do a smoothie! It’s tasty, is quick to make, plus you can prep it ahead of time. Buy frozen pineapple and spinach, and in the morning, mix those two with coconut milk, and protein powder. I also add hemp hearts. Tastes like a pina colada and will keep you full all morning!
Edouard Z.
Have 2-3 options for a good breakfast in your fridge. I have smoothie ingredients, and avo toast stuff – so have two options depending on how I am feeling. Even if you’re not hungry you need to get the body working and have nibble
Troy Q.
A few ideas…:)
Come up with a few breakfasts you like and that don’t take too much preparation… then, when you don’t know what to make, you can fall back on those ideas!
Make what you can the night before
Simpler is better!
Scrambled eggs are always good, yogurt and granola, bagel with eggs or cream cheese, a good smoothie and toast…
You’ve got this!!:)
Hans Helmut O.
I eat a healthy breakfast of organic cereal with almond milk and some berries, and some fried eggs, almost everyday. I usually start off my first meal with a banana as the easiest way to boost my energy fast 🙂
Brent Z.
Great breakfast is not really that difficult, what worked for me is getting all the ingredients before hand so when i wake up in the morning everything is there. And fot a person with busy morning i found making a simple yet healthy breakfast like eggs, mushrooms adding a bit of bacon and some cheese does help as its quick to prepare and also filling.
Thomas W.
Intermittent Fasting what works for me 16:8 fast for 16 and eat for 8. Skipping breakfast as i never got time for it and rather have nothing then something that wont be good for me.
Vili P.
For me, when the challenge came it seemed difficult but as soon as I started waking up early and started going for breakfast, it kept getting easier to make a habit out of it. All you need to do is to push yourself to start.
Faith Q.
Make enough breakfast burritos for a month. You can customize so you want and they freeze well. Just pop them into the toaster oven or microwave and you're good to go!
Dora Q.
Boil eggs and make overnight oatmeal as meal prep to prevent you missing breakfast with short amounts of time in the morning.
Fabienne F.
A great breakfast is not difficult. I make over night oats with frozen fruits, chia, ground flax seed with oat milk or with banana & walnuts.
Freja G.
Save your time to prepare breakfast at the night before you go to bed. And at the morning heat the cold breakfast for maximum result
Jeremy W.
Easy! Rolled oats and milk or water microwaved for 2 minutes, add berries and eat! Highly nutritious and will jeep you full sometimes past lunch!