What is something filling to eat on the go or when you have no time to prepare?

Rina S.
I like to always prepare ahead. On the weekends when I’m not doing anything, I’ll boil some eggs, make some granola, and cut up some vegetables into sticks. I store them in the fridge for no longer than a week and use reusable bags and containers. This helps save me time and the planet.

I’d recommend not packing anything with lots of carbs. Even if I have granola, I won’t eat it every time. It’s best to stick to more meats and vegetables to keep you full.

Mathilde A.
Food is two of my favorite things! It's never far from me. I am one of those people who loves to cook and eat. I cook dinner almost every day.
However, when I can't get to my own food I carry what one of my friends called "emergency food" because I always seemed to have something in a pocket.
Millville (Aldi) granola bars stay in my desk and briefcase. I keep nuts of some kind around at ALL times. Always peanuts. And almonds or pistachios, whichever is on sale. However, my go to is honey sticks. They are plastic, one serving tubes that I get at the State Farmers' Market. They are 20 or 25 cents a piece. Good for the car, office or briefcase. And honey never goes bad.
Nanna E.
I usually have few minutes to make a breakfast. The fastest way and also has durable impact along the day is to make omelette.
Tim J.
That’s a great question. Here are a few ideas that you can try. When grabbing a snack to go, it has to be something that you like. Another idea, is that it must be filling, but not something bloating, you know what I mean? You don’t want to be on the go, being around people, and after eating a home made broccoli and bean burrito …”brrrpht!” I don’t really know how to spell the sound of passing gas, but there you are. Also, do you have any food sensitivities? Lots of us have a lactose intolerance, so, if you eat a milk and cheese product, make sure you are near a bathroom.
Organic peanut butter and grape jelly, or any jelly, on a small pia bread, is great. Or a trail mix with oats, walnuts, cashews, dried tart cherry or cranberry, and a thin coating of dark cocoa. Sliced avocado on toast, with a pinch of rosemary, basil, pepper and a dash of olive oil. A coupled of boiled eggs with a carrot and celery stick. I also love a bowl of Asian noodle soup, like Vietnamese PHO, a spicy broth with meatballs, shredded meat, or chicken, with lemongrass, mushrooms and thin rice noodles. I love lo mein noodles with chicken and mushrooms, love Pad Thai noodles, love Indonesian Spicy tomato noodles. But these are things that you buy or have them prepared before hand.
Danny C.
A handful of grapes, they have a high water content and so will signal to your brain that you are full quickly. Also carrots baby or big for the fiber.
Jeanne Q.
Banana or a quick smoothie (spinach, almond milk, banana, flax seed, chia seed). Wheat toast with egg and avocados or salmon.
Malone Y.
I don’t really have this problem since company has great breakfast. I’ll eat trail mix nuts and a banana plus a mozzarella stick if I’m in a hurry.
Melvin Z.
A gpod snack is either a banana with some almonds and raisins, to get both carbs, and healthy fats.
Another snack I like , as an apple with nut butter, with out without raisins. You can get Justin’s Nut Butter in small packages to go. So easy.

And do remember your water.

Gregory Z.
I usually eat . 3 walnut 6 almonds ,Some raisins , 2-3 Dose , 2 atjir . As my morning breakfast when I don't have time to prepare. 3-4 boilded eggs or omelet will also be a good choice for quick kitchen work .
Annegret J.
I prepare overnight oats at night for the next morning, ready to go in a single-serve container. In the morning when I’m running short on time, it’s convenient to have a healthy and filling breakfast ready to grab and go.
Rayan T.
Something fast I enjoy eatin when I’m on the go is an apple and some almonds or an entire cucumber ! The cucumber is big refreshing and easy to transport
Hugh Z.
Load your refrigerator with fruits and soy milk. Also some protein powder (whey isolate is best)
Whenever you lack time to prepare just cut some fruits add soy milk and 1-2 scoops of whey isolate in blender and drink it. This will keep you full for next3-4 hours.
Isabelle Q.
Havermout met Melk. En daarna kwark met een beetje creusli.

Havermout met Melk. En daarna een boterham met pindakaas.

Havermout met Melk. En een banaan en 2 rijstwafels.

Lolita Q.
I mostly prepare my breakfast the night before, when in a hurry I just eat some eggs, smoked turkey breast, or oatmeal(the slow cooking one is ready in 15 mins max, you can also eat overnight oatmeals)…but the best thing is to meal prep before or on the WE, or at least have a clear idea the night before about what to eat in the morning…I do this with my clothrs to wear to work too
Mattie X.
Bananas are/feel more dense to me than any other fruit. Pairing that with peanut butter and/or a cup of yogurt (with granola or chia seeds) do the job for me!
Jo T.
I usually pre boil a batch of eggs (hard boiled). If I’m at home I’ll have 2 with a couple of slices of whole grain toast (with butter or quark) & some cherry tomatoes. If I’m on the move I’ll pack them with some cherry tomatoes & a handful of spinach leaves. It’s healthy, handy & really filling.
Alexsandra E.
I use frozen fruit combined with a banana and quark, which I blender together. I put this in a beaker that I can close well to bring with me to work, which has an extra compartment on top where I put some muesli in as well! I still have my fruits, which otherwise take some preparation to cut etc. and my proteins in the quark.
Cameron J.
When I’m on the go, I usually grab a healthy granola bar (only dates, chocolate, and nuts) or munch on a few nuts. If I’m at home, I go for high water content fruits like apples or yogurt.
Marcus C.
When I don't have the luxury of time to prepare for my breakfast, I usually go with some cereals with some sort of any fruit, say orange or apples for instance. Oftentimes, I buy something on the evening for my breakfast on the following day.
Earl J.
Almonds or other nuts are good. Protein is definitely key but it’s not really practical to carry a chicken breast in your purse. I can’t stand peanut butter but some friends swear by it. A little almond butter on apple slices is nice as well. Cheese is high cal but very satisfying so a small bit of cheese can be good. If you’re less hungry and more looking to munch, I find keeping carrot sticks around is good. If I really want potato chips I make myself eat something healthy first and then see if I really actually wanted the chips or just needed something to chew. I keep him handy for the same reason!
Jean F.
When I've overslept or need something to eat on the road I have meal replacement shakes or smoothies. Choosing one high in protein with whole milk gives balanced macros and keeps me full on the go.
Joabe Q.
Sometimes I’ll have a Soylent when I feel like not eating. As someone who is recovering from E.D., it’s great to have something that requires no prep or foresight or energy to even call the delivery place. I’ll just have one Soylent instead of my usual glass of water and that’s 400 calories done!
Adri O O.
It’s not really good to eat in hurry, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice.
If you need something filling and healthy – fruit like apple of orange it’s a great option. If you need something what will last long and stay tasty for long time crispy snacks like Dr. Körner or Finn Crips is nice choice. Put on it slice of cheese or whatever you want and you will not feel hungry for few hours. Crips is dry, so remember to stay hydrated. You can buy few small juice-pack and drink it when you feel hungry. But remember – it still have lot of calories, so try to find sugar-less juice. And fresh fruits it’s always best choice.
Nellie P.
It would be best to fast in those cases. It appears that intermittent fasting is very healthy and another great habit to pick up!
Frank T.
I eat low carb so I found it difficult to find snacks on the go. I find string cheese, jerky, salami, to be the most filling.
Filippa A.
Celery with almond butter, a string cheese and some almonds or cheese and olives. It’s hard to eat low carb/no sugar on the go
Ben P.
If you can, then you should prepare it the day before. Like chia pudin, for example, with iogurt or milk and 1 tbsp chia. You can also eat greek iogurth (high in protein) with granola, try always something sugarfree otherwise you’re going to feel angry very soon. If you need, put some honey or maple syrup.
Alice P.
Make ahead chia puddings or overnight oats and grab them out the fridge as you run out the door. Avocado on toast. Apple or banana with nut butter pre portioned. Yogurt with granola.
Kenneth S.
There are many easy and healthy options!
Cooked egg, Protein yogurt, Walnuts or cashews, Babybell cheese.
It's my choices 😉
Eugene E.
Protien rich food is something that fills your stomach quickly as it takes time to burn all the protien. I eat no meat , so I prefer peanuts, any other nuts. If you are allergic to nuts, then you can consume milk or quinoa.
Also, when you are on the go, just try not to get yourself bored. If you get bored you may start feeling hungry early.
Hugh G.
I buy fully-cooked bacon. Two slices heated in the microwave for 20 seconds, folded in one slice of toast, put a paper towel around is an I have a breakfast sandwich to go in less than 3 minutes.
Elias W.
I eat crunchy peanut butter (or almond butter) granola bars with a big glass of water when I’m hungry and have to run! Sometimes I grab a banana too, the flavors are great together and it keeps me fueled until I can get a real meal.
Silv Rio E.
I always carry with me some almonds, this is the best thing, because it yummy, and no need big place to carry in my purse. If I had like five minutes to prepare, but not more, I make a smoothie, and go. It is really refreshing and healthy, because I make them about fruits or veggies, almond or ricemilk, and sometimes I add a scoop protein powder to it.
Valdemar P.
I try to go for whole foods. I'll often opt for a piece of fruit like an apple or a banana, just grab it and you're done. If I have time on the weekend I try to make something like cereal bars so I can take them with me during the week. I like this better than buying them in the store, because store bought ones mostly have a lot of added sugar, but if you don't have time to make them some store bought ones are also nice.
Julie W.
I don’t really have a long answer for this question: I would take a banana. A banana is already wrapped in its peel and is easy to carry with you. Bananas also give you slow sugars for extra energy!
Ka S Y.
It's quite nice to grab have a banana on these sorts of days. It is quick and fulfilling, and takes none of your time away from you.
Theodore Y.
A bagel. It's super simple, nutritious and a great way to start the day. Plus you can customize it literally however you want!
El Na O.
Honestly that is difficult to do. I usually try to make something big before hand. I dont personally like eggs but I'll make my boyfriend a scrambled egg casserole, it's what I would normally make for scrambled eggs but I bake it in a casserole dish. For on the go I would turn it into a burrito so all you would have to do is warm it up and out you go. Also overnight oatmeal works for some people too. I like sausage mcmuffins so I make my home version, enough to last the week.
Anneliese U.
this isn’t the most healthy option i know but pop tarts are the go for me when i’m in a rush ( even though i usually forget breakfast when i’m in a rush ) but you can also prepare something the night before like a smoothie or a sandwich and you can just grab that and go
Wyatt P.
Nuts. I love nuts I always overeat. By the time I realize I’m full I’m too full. But yeah they are very filling.

Fruits too. Stone fruits work especially well for me but you can pick your own.

Jeanette O.
I buy premier protein shakes or the equate brand, specifically for this. The high protein makes it filling and they taste pretty good. No prep other than refrigerating.
Marcus Z.
For breakfast I usually make oats with water nuts and some peanut butter and syrup. For lunch I usually just throw my leftovers into a bag or I’ll bring bread and sandwich supplies so I can make a sandwich once I reach my destination.
Carter J.
Having frozen protein bowls and microwaveing them while you are getting ready is one thing. But a bowl of oatmeal from like Chick-Fil-a is something that healthy a pretty feeling meal. Or try to make some time. A instant bowl of oatmeal takes about 5 mins to get the way you want and about 2 mins to microwave. Also a bowl of fruit is great some frozen fruit in a bowl so I thaws while you are on the road and eating it while at work is something.
Storm F.
Clif bars…. Those are my go to. They keep well so I'll leave them in my locker at work. Bar + water is a decent meal if I can't get actual food.
Nicolas O.
I think that eating fruit and nuts if I am on the go is a great solution to avoid running just on fumes. I love clementines as a snack and nuts are just easy, tasty and hit that savory taste bud.
Leslie T.
Usually nuts or cheese or roasted chickpeas are the best option in such a scenario.. and a quick protein shake/smoothie may be..
Assun O S.
Keep a bag of apples always ready – the simplest portable snack I know!
For something more substantial, look for a low-sugar protein bar. I like the “think thin” variety. It’s of course a processed food, but – paired with an apple – it’s better than a fast food burger and fries as an “emergency” meal.
Theodore O.
Energy bars, a banana, a bunch of dried fruits like bluberries almonds nuts dried grapes. Remember to buy a lot of them to have them home. Today i woke up so tired to cook so i took my emergency breakfast A banana energy bar. I gain my strength again and i was able to get prepared
Rachel F.
Cuscus is easy, light and healthy. Or noodles aren’t expensive but hot water from cafes costs. Or a homemade sandwich in nice bread. Fruit is the most readily available food on the go. I usually treat myself to nuts on-the-go. And keep hydrated, good fruit drinks or a smoothie fills me up.
Anne U.
Well overnight oats is always a favorite but on the go could easily be some toast and either peanut spread or Nutella. Those are just my favorite spreads to put on my toast but whatever your taste buds dances to , go for it !
Emil W.
I think it's different for everyone but I like to eat an apple with peanut butter. It doesn't sound like much but it is filling for me.
Murat Q.
The best thing to eat on the go when you’re hungry is something like nuts that contains healthy oils. Healthy oils will make you feel full and energized, opposed to carbs that make you feel full and tired or sleepy. Oils are also good food for the brain. A boiled egg is also a good idea.
Camila O.
We chop up veggies on the weekend and put hummus in small containers so we can just grab them and go throughout the week.
Everett Y.
String cheese is a good go-to snack on the run, so is a banana or apple (bonus if you can eat either with peanut butter!). I usually keep almonds in my desk drawer too, and a supply of Kind bars in my pantry at home in case I need something as I’m running out the door.
Ross Q.
Clif bars are a great snack that are filling and healthy. There’s a HUGE variety of flavors and kinds (regular Clif bars, “fruit smoothies,” sweet & salty, and nutter butter varieties). When I rode in the CA AIDS LifeCycle, Clif bars were provided at pit stops along the way.
Another suggestion is rice or corn “cakes.” They can be dry, but will really fill you up.
Ava Q.
Oatmeal but overnight ,
So before you go to bed have a mason jar ready add some oatmeal , water or almond milk or regular milk add chia seeds , flaxseed, yogurt, and fruit berries mix it up if you like , and it’s ready to go when you wake up and it’s on the go . If you want you can add granola before you eat it , and it fills you up and it’s pretty healthy. 🙂
Patsy S.
A protein bar. It curbs chocolate cravings, is filling and supper nutritious. You can go for nut bars as well but be careful of the nutritional values, read labels when u buy. Cheers
Roderich I.
Eating yogurt, drinking ayran (20 percent yogurt and 80 or less percent water, stirred) or milk is an easy fix. Instead you can try eating some cheese, which would also hold you with its high protein, healthy fat and high calcium content. Eating olives is a great way to have a very light, healthy and filling snack with approx. 9 calories per olive.
Alba Z.
I love to hard boiled a 12-18 eggs on Sunday so I can grab and go. The protien filled breakfast or snack is quick, easy and makes you feel just full enough to feel energized. The small and quick treat doesn't make you feel tired like a huge, carb- filled lunch, therefore no feelings of needing a nap. And I, suprisingly, stay satisfied longer than a big salad.
Priscilla Z.
Fruit (especially bananas), turkey jerky, fig bars (I buy an organic kind that doesn’t have any artificial stuff in them and they’re low in sugar, also low in calories!)
Peter E.
I usually eat a P3. Very filling with nuts, cheese and ham or turkey. They are high in protein and satisfies me. Great to have when something comes up before you eat any meal. Just take it out and on the go with you. I love them.
Alyssia Y.
A banana with nuts. And you take the banana and press the tip of it into your small bowl of nuts, and you can eat them together with no utensils.
Filoteu Q.
I have breakfast every morning. It was when I began working early in the morning that I felt the need to eat at home, or I would be eating all morning at work (sugar, sweets, and a lot of coffee). I was also smoking at that time and I woke up one day and felt disgusted of this lifestyle. I needed a change and this change had to start with a good breakfast. So I started small, slices of bread, then porridge. As of today I always make time for breakfast, it is a very important part of my day and I wouldn’t leave the house on an empty stomach.
Jayden C.
Green wise makes awesome Gluten-free Multigrain Flaxseed Brown Rice Crackers. Paired with an organic store bought Hummus or by itself is yummy. Or keep Hummus made up as it’s so easy and fast to make. They’re also delicious with a nice cheese. Mixed nuts, low or without salt is packed with protein. My favorite grab and run and eat on the way is simple and easy, an organic banana!
Brent O.
Fibre is always a good choice. If you can grab a piece of baguette, or a slice of bread, and some fruit, you’re good to go. A sandwich is also always a good choice.
Edwin C.
A fruit bowl….a banana, a handful of grapes, an orange & an apple….you can even eat a small container of granola crumbles
Garance Q.
A banana is always a good choice
Carrots and cucumbers are also good and they take long to digest so you won’t get hungry fast
A cup of yogurt is fulfilling and refreshing also, you can also toss some frozen berries and drizzle with a little honey, yummm 😋 (try white honey ,, its yummy and doesn’t have the strong flavor of honey so it works as a good replacement for sugar)
Boiled eggs (they can be prepared in advance and they keep well in the fridge)
Dried fruits are also good options but should be consumed in moderation as you want to go easy on the sugars
Cathy U.
This thing so variable. İf my mode is uncaring, ı eating fried fast food or chocolate wafer crackers. İf ı mode is caring myself. I will go to supper market and buy a vegatable or fruit healty bar. Maybe ı will go to home made cooking shop ❤️
Marilou Q.
Greek yogurt. I like vanilla. Oikos makes a “protein crunch” kind. Vanilla yogurt with chocolate oats and peanuts. Really, really tasty!
Eva O.
I think it's good to have some nuts prepared for this situations and some nut bars, or cereal bars. Homemade flapjacks are also good to have. If you need more proteins, you can buy some protein bars or made them by yourself. I always have some bars or nuts in my bag in case of hunger.
Gundolf F.
Depending on your time crunch an egg would be ideal, it doesn’t take too long and it’s filling and nutritious. If that’s against your dietary restrictions or would take too long, you can always throw a banana, grapes, or an apple in your bag. If you truly have no time in the mornings at night, or whenever in the week you have spare time, prepare a breakfast that can keep in the fridge/freezer for the upcoming week. You can boil an egg and keep it in your fridge for a super long time, or a parfait with oats and frozen fruit. What I usually do is in a baggy in my fridge I have all the ingredients ready for a smoothie and in a separate cup I have dry ingredients like sugar and oats to blend up quickly the upcoming day. Adding oats to your breakfast smoothie, or any breakfast really, fills you up like crazy, and since it’s rich in fiber you stay fuller longer. Good luck! Good job for getting this far, I know you can do it!