If the only option you have is food with a lot of sugar, should you eat it or skip breakfast?

Jade O.
Eat the food. Your body breaks down the sugar at breakfast better and faster because your metabolism is high at that time. You are literally “breaking your fast” of sleeping through the night. It will boost your metabolism to eat breakfast, because it’s working constantly. Just eat healthy for the rest of the day.
Xen Crates Q.
I guess i should just skip breakfast instead of eating a food with a lot off sugar, since a lot of sugar aren't healthy for our health, but the problem is that skipping breakfast is also not healthy. So i recommend that either you take a single bite of that food or if you're planning to go somewhere then get some snacks or food along the way. I hope this is helping you to face your future endeavors 😀
Cindy F.
The correct answer is to skip it if you can. If you can't or choose not to then try to balance out with water or maybe a black coffee and a avoid sugar otherwise.
Sanne X.
I think I will eat it if I am having a busy day. I don't like to work on an empty stomach. But if I have a lazy day I think I'll skip it.
Ester N.
Eat it… because even though too much sugar is really bad for your organism, it is way worse to skip breakfast as you don’t have energy for the rest of the day.
Mikkel G.
Everyone is different. If you're a person who feels very sluggish after lots of sugar then I say skip it…just don't make skipping breakfast a practice. However, of you're someone like me who struggles with bloating and wind pains after skipping meals then it might be best to go for the sugary breakfast…again, this shouldn't be the regular practice. Being healthy isn't about being perfect and eating salads everyday. There are gonna be days where you don't have much of a choice but to eat some junk food and that's OK.
Бобомурадов Амир N.
If i was in this kind of situation, i would rather skip breakfast with a lit of sugar because it might reflect on my body
Dulce Z.
To me, you should eat what you can get and have. No matter how much sugar it has in it you should still eat something not nothing. They say having foods with sugar in it isn't the best for breakfast but if it's all you got I would definitely just eat it instead of again not having anything.
Zita A.
I would eat it, because breakfast is important. But then regulate that I don't eat too much sugar in the rest of my meals.
Duane G.
Eating breakfast is better than skipping breakfast. You need to eat three meals and even the sugar doesn’t fill you until lunch, just eat lunch then.
A S.
I would skip it depending on whether I had a heavy / light dinner the day before. However Id lean more towards the option of not eating and stick to a glass of water
Rosemary U.
You should always, always eat something when you wake up. You will feel sick and lightheaded by the afternoon and you hate feeling that way. If you start to crash do something that will boost your energy later in the day but always eat! Starving yourself is way more unhealthy than eating sugar.
Viktor Y.
I am no dietologists or a medical professional. Having that in mind my opinion is that if you don't have any other option, you can't run down to the store before work go for it. Just next time make sure you prevent the situation from occuring, get some nuts, make meal preparations, do everything in your power. Other people are also there to help you. You got this! 😉
Ben Z.
I say you should eat it. Even though it is not the most healthiest of breakfasts it still start you up and you can always eat something more healthy for lunch.
Nuran U.
I’m personally always gonna eat the sugary thing over no thing, bc at least the sugary thing will keep my stomach from
Colette F.
i would skip breakfast because a stomach on too much sugar makes my heart rate increase and my blood sugar spike. i would rather drink a lot of water until i get to my next meal.
Melita F.
I would eat it, assuming it’s not candy and then follow up with a lot of water until I can get other food that’s higher in nutrients.
Sophia T.
I would eat it because it will cost your stomach to growl and it will affect you so eat it you can throw away all that sugar later being healthy doesn’t mean cutting all sugar
Josefa U.
It depends on my mood. If I'm really hungry, I would eat it. A lot of it. But when I don't like it, I will not eat it. I will resort to drinking water or something.