How much time do you allow for breakfast, how do you protect the time?

Ranuka W.
Before I leave office Im having my breakfast. And it's suggested by fabulous. Ever since I meet fabulous I started my breakfast with two eggs and eventually evolved it to two potatoes, one portion of sardine fish, and two eggs scrambled together
Ulisses A.
I'm having breakfast 10-15 minutes (and 5 minutes for preparation). To ensure this, I get up early – and when I oversleep, I pack something small together and eat on the way/ at work.
Anabelle Y.
Well before that I do water, gratitude, shower, facial care, and exercise. So after that, however much time I have I use that time to make and eat breakfast.
Kacie N.
I usually spend about 30 minutes on breakfast in the morning. I take time to try to mindfully eat and Nourish my body and remember a big healthy breakfast is a good thing. Sometimes I might read a devotional or tap through inspirational social media while I eat
Kurt N.
I usually eat for around 30 minutes and I prepare my meal for around 15 minutes. I don’t rush my breakfast unless I’m in a hurry.
Jeremiah Z.
I set at least 10 -12 minutes for eating breakfast. While I have breakfast I tend to watch a short YouTube video with it.
Lizzie P.
Allow as much time as you have. Maybe try to set aside 30 mins. And look at doing overnight oats if you don’t have time in the morning. 🥰💖
Herlander S.
It takes roughly 45 minutes to prepare and savor the breakfast. I think that has been great enough. And it doesn't interrupt the daily routine. Although if time space doesn't allow for slow cook, I'd rather have fruits and getting ready with complex carbs prepared beforehand.
Katie N.
5 minutes, i eat right before my classes start so i know i’ll do it bc otherwise i won’t be able to eat until lunch time
Sharon E.
It depends on the taste… If the breakfast is really tasty I can't let it finish. To be honest I take some more time than others to eat. Cuz I chew alot.
Gaspar N.
I try to leave half an hour, I look at the day ahead of me before I go to bed and then adjust my wake up time to suit that day x
Marine Z.
I normally give myself 15 minutes to eat! If I’m eating warm food, I don’t let it get cold. Setting a smaller time limit(less than half an hour) is a very good idea because if you have a long breakfast time you might feel the need to eat some extra calories or junk food just to pass the time. Yes I speak from experience, but now I give myself 15 minutes or less. I only eat what’s on my plates and I never have junk food for breakfast.
Melitta X.
Currently when I'm not working I give myself around 8am to 9am to have breakfast. Sometimes I spend this time making breakfast and other times I force myself to eat during this time. I often take more time to savor my morning coffee then my food. Occasionally I opt for something quick and I watch a let's play while I eat or post my meal on Instagram. When I have work I often rush this process or prepare overnight oats. Occasionally opting to eat at work.
T Rkan F.
I typically allow ten to fifteen minutes, though I also eat on a rush from time to time due to anxiety.
As for protecting the time, I normally go to the kitchen to prepare a little something, then to the living room or the dining table, and as I have concentration issues, avoid carrying the phone or turning on the TV. I make sure to tell those I'm talking to in advance, so they can wait for me patiently while I eat breakfast peacefully.