I find it helps me get in and out of the kitchen quickly if I have the same things at least a few days in a row, so I don’t have to think about it or plan much. How frequently do you change up breakfast items?

Nora J.
I like to change up my breakfast every 2-3 days to give me some variety. I like starting my morning in different ways but also knowing what and when im going to eat. I think changing it every few days is the perfect balance.
Sarah Z.
During the week I pretty much always have a smoothie of a banana, frozen berries, almond milk, Greek yogurt and peanut butter. Sometimes I might also add toast, English muffin or bagel if we have those and depending on if I think I need something extra for the day. Weekends depend more on my wife but I don't usually do smoothies on weekends. I definitely like having the same thing every day, the routine is very helpful for me and making morning preparations for work easier.
Max U.
I don't, my parents don't consider what I eat breakfast
Like fruits, a granola bar so I settle for either egg sandwich or I eat nothing
Catalina I.
I don’t change it a lot, preferably I take one breakfast menu every week and depends how I feel I can take it for longer, maybe two weeks in a row but then I change it. Always make it the same basics, some fruit, some protein + veg, and some carbs ( half portion for me, 😉 )
Alice F.
When I was younger I kept eating the Sam food for over a month, but now I can’t eat the same thing everywhere I need more variation. I eat 2 different types of food any it helps me keep eating the same food for a longer period of time.
Glen N.
As often as I want. I have a few different items for breakfast that I have whichever whenever that's what I feel like, and change when I want something different – but all healthy.