Do I eat before or after a workout?

Rafael J.
Eating before helps keep you energised throughout your workout. If you are lifting weights, eating before is preferable (and, ideally, eating after too). Abstaining from eating before a workout, and eating after instead, can be good for cardio workouts – known as fasted cardio.

Mille A.
I eat before and after, before i drink a protein iogurt and eat a bread with peanut butter, and after the workout i eat a protein bar

Victor E.
You eat before and after, before so you have energy to do a hard workout and after so your muscles can get bigger and so your workout has done something good.

Anime R.
I don’t know if one or the other is better because I haven’t done that research but I say the best is to do whichever suits you best. I personally prefer eating after a workout but that’s just my personal preference.

Meszes E.
When it's right in the morning, eat before, so you have energy to do it, but otherwise, I would usually advice after.
The workout itself can make you much hungrier anyways.
And if you wanna workout but you're a bit hungry, what you can try is some caffeine. Makes the hunger go away and you perform better.
Anyway, not a doctor, just been working out for a year or so

Silviana Z.
It's better to eat carbs before your work out. After your workout u can have a high protein meal which also hss carbs. I recommend eating something light before ur workout and breakfast/dinner after