What’s best to eat for breakfast?

Andreias Q.
Oatmeal with milk on is my favorite start of the day. Some spice it up with a bit of sugar, fruit, cinnamon or even cocoa powder. I like it better without adding anything.
Perhaps this is my go to breakfast because I am from Denmark.
Gauri T.
Don't know about the other countries, but a great and healthy Indian break fast would be eating sprouted or cooked pulses (i would recommend sprouted).Take the meal just like salad with chopped cucumber, tomato, onion or any other veggies you like along with some rock salt according to your need for taste, yoghurt(optional)and coriander for some good garnishing…..
Tadaaaaa ….
Your tasty and healthy breakfast with loads of protein and fibres is ready to give you a headstart for your fabulous day ahead…
Rhonda U.
The short answer is scrambled eggs. You can easily add protein and veggies to scrambled eggs. Or even making a frittata.
Avoid the dessert type breakfasts like pancakes, waffles, and pastries.
Lois E.
A good breakfast has high protein, balanced healthy fats and a source of complex carbohydrates to help you stay energized until lunch without peaking your blood sugar. Think oats, legumes, whole grains, fruit and pair it with healthy protein like nuts or eggs or lean meat.
Zachary F.
I like "Egg Muffins" – some egg, spinach, mushrooms, tomatos & zuchini cooked in a muffin tin. Easy to make a batch for the whole week, easy to grab & eat as I leave the house! Works really well for me, what about you??
Donaldo F.
One egg or if you're going to exercise two eggs some veggies like tomatoes cucumber also a lil bit cheese or bowl of yoghurt and if you put some seasonings in yoghurt like black pepper ginger turmeric cinnamon it will help you lose weight great tea will be a great choice to start day you can try making cold teas too
Samar Y.
An egg and a banana in the morning is the best.. If i was running late to work.. I take the banana with me and eat it on the way..
Eliott G.
I think it’s good to start off with a big glass of water. Protein like eggs is really helpful in feeling full and energetic…I like to add in some fresh fruit and maybe a dry slice of toast. Also try to stick to 1-2 cups of coffee, going overboard isn’t going to help you in the long run.
Alexander C.
bananas and peanut butter, or something quick to make but still filling and sustaining, that won’t make me nauseous or bloated
Bernedette C.
Mine breakfast is a smoothie with lots of greens. Mostly it's spinach with one fruit and 100ml almond milk and 100ml Yoghurt. I like to switch things up with the greens and fruit choices and sometimes I add nuts or chia seeds when I'm feeling extra hungry.
Romy E.
Something you enjoy, but also something that will fuel your body & mind fort the rest of the day. Frist off, if it is something you enjoy you are more inclined to want to eat it. Secondly, I try to eat something high in protein, lite on fats, & low on carbohydrates; the high protein fuels my muscles, the lite fats provides quick energy to start you off, and the carbohydrates slow energy to sustain you. I eat "egg-wichs" in the morning that are made up of eggs, veggie sausage, and a little cheese!
Julio N.
Well, for starters not a lot of sugar and you want a lot of protein, and after that, I think it depends on the person. Like for me, I only do a handful of nuts, because of I eat too much in the morning, I feel nauseated. So sometimes it depends on the person.
Elma U.
I often have steelcut oatmeal with more water than almond milk. So it is not as heavy as I used to eat it.
I also like a boiled egg with lightly buttered toast.
I drink an herbal tea with honey.
I may or may not add a banana. It depends if I went shopping that week.
Nathan P.
Food with more proteins and carbohydrates like for protein pulses, eggs, milk and eating a banana which is rich in carbohydrates is very good because it gives more fuel to body for a day.
Ava E.
I like to eat something filling, like eggs or maybe one or two sandwiches. I found that eating something quite large keeps me full for longer and gives me a lot more energy for the day. It's also important to eat some protein and of course coffee
Bradley O.
Depending on your dietary regimen, something that can give you the energies to go from one meal to the other. And possibly, that makes your morning happy!
Alicia Y.
I actually can't stomach food when I first wake up, I will throw up, instead I drink a meal replacement shake to start off my day, then after I start moving I'll have a brunch instead! I really love a fried egg and avocado sandwich! No need for butter here 🥰
Catherine F.
I don't have time to cook eggs every morning (or want to do the washing up!). I have a high protein, low sugar yogurt like Icelandic Skyr with some museli to keep me going.
Katie N.
What's best to eat for breakfast is something that appeals to you, yet gives you the nutrition you need to have a full day. This means complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, plus a little bit of healthy fats to keep you full like avocado or peanut butter. Top it off with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and you're good to go!
Jacob C.
I think that egg is very good but you have to Cook It in the first morning, so i like eating yogurt and cereals, and a banana.
Ted P.
It is best to eat something for breakfast, since that fuels you up for the rest of the day. To be specific, the things I'd like to eat are eggs, whole grain oatmeal, toast on whole grain bread, or fruit (apples, bananas, etc.) Sometimes I am often out of luck because when I do want to have toast or fruit, they would either expire or spoil when the appetite for it comes clear to me; so, in the season of making and sticking with habits, I will have to make sure that I stick with a breakfast regimen, pluck the fruit or whole grain bread first thing in the morning, and eat it. Doing that will make the rest of the day more energized and less of a slog.
Gabriel B.
A best breakfast must contain protien and carbohydrates. Maybe an egg with a tomato will be good. Or yogurt with a loaf of bread. An apple with any vegetable will be great also. These will give energy until lunch.
Austin F.
Est something with protein to keep you fuller for longer such as scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast or a breakfast egg "muffin" which are easy to make and lots of ideas for muffin fillings online
Gregory Z.
I've been eating one fryed egg and some apple sauce. We have chickens so there are always eggs. I dont know if it's best, but it is simple. It takes about 3 min to make and has very little mess.
Angela I.
Protein in eggs is good if you're worried about cholesterol just eat the whites and maybe a little peanut butter like a spoonful with some milk to wash it down
Jimmy J.
I believe that the best thing to eat for breakfast is eggs and a smoothie. Eggs are rich in protein to give you that energy boost you need to start your day. Smoothies contain a good balence of fruits and veggies with no added sugars and give you a natural dose of vitamins that the body requires.
Gladys Y.
To be honest I think that's totally up to you, eat what you feel like eating. Something that gives you energy for the day (pancakes, omelette, fruits, oatmeal,…). But never forget moderation is the key to a balanced life.
Stanislaw F.
it really depends o you and what food you have access to and are comfortable with. i personally prefer peanut butter and toast with jam or bananas. or eggs and tomatoes
Jamie U.
Aim for protein and fiber instead of carbohydrates. These will give you more energy for the day and fill you up more. Cooked eggs are always a great option. There are also pancakes made of only banana and oatmeal. Take an Apple or granola bar on the side and you should be good. If you look for healthy, quick recipes, you will find some options.
Cl Mentine T.
I've recently got into Overnight Oats, really yummy and filling plus all prepared the night before so quick to grab in the morning
Renee Z.
I like to fry up two eggs in veg or olive oil and eat a 1/2 cup of cereal with a non dairy “milk”.
The olive oil may give the eggs a very pungent taste but the health benefits are great! I also have a medium piece of fruit and if I’m still hungry, I’ll have a coconut or almond based yogurt.
Maurice U.
I prefere to drink low fat milk along with 2 Eggs cooked in your lovely way with some of colors of vegetables like cucumber, tomato, mint, and the ones you like more. Don't forget to drink water.
Jessica A.
A light multigrain English muffin with peanut butter and natural grape jelly. I also like to include some fruit with my breakfast as well.
Margit X.
To avoid your insulin levels dipping have something fatty and protein heavy. It seems counterintuitive but the more insulin you have during the day means the more energy you have. Avoid carbohydrates as much as possible in the morning, save it for lunch and dinner .
Zuleica C.
Something that you enjoy that will make you excited to eat it, but also will give you the energy you need to get a good start to the day. You don’t want a sugar spike and you want the meal to be healthy yet easy, so you’re not tempted to skip out. My favorite breakfast is apple, cheese and almonds or granola and almond milk. I would love some new creative easy suggestions too.
Lily S.
Whatever makes you feel best, and feel full. I love whole grain toast with a sliced hard boiled egg and pesto, or full fat Greek yogurt with honey, vanilla, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkle of quick oats.
Linda W.
I like to eat protein which is eggs. Bacon is only good if it's turkey. Depending if you want to keep your weight down have only one
Boiled is best. Also whole wheat bread is a must for fiber. Better bread is helpful and also builds for a better sandwich. I'm trying to incorporate oatmeal into my routine more. Fruit with both meals. Also sugar, I'm trying so hard to undo. I found coconut sugar is a lot better for you. Nice day!
Nikki B.
My favorite feel-good breakfast to eat is mainly protein with some vegetables. So examples would include scrambled eggs with feta cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. Or bacon with avocado. An omelette with bell peppers and sausage. Egg bites with onions.
Romeu F.
The best choice for breakfast is anything balanced. Have an egg on toast with an apple or a banana with some almonds. I like sweet at breakfast but balance the sugar with protein.
Enora T.
fruit, nuts. whole grains. oatmeal with banna and strawberry,walnuts , cinnamon, and solash of almond milk with whole grain toast