Do you think that skipping breakfast sometimes is a good idea?

Lise Z.
I believe "breaking your fast" is important when you wake up to raise sugar levels, replace fluids and get much needed vitamins and minerals with a great, healthy breakfast.
B Rbaro E.
Just like intermittent fasting is a good idea, skipping breakfast once in a while is a good idea. It helps our body use the stored fat and improves fat based metabolism.
Tracey Y.
Sometimes if I’m in a rush and skip breakfast i feel the effects in a couple hours but sometimes if I have a large meal the night before I’m alright with just a banana and a coffee
Jane E.
For me, no. I approach breakfast as a form of self-care because I’m a massive foodie! But if you’re not hungry in the morning, there’s no sense forcing yourself to eat.
Ugo T.
If there is a reason/situation where you have to then ok but you need those nutrients to have energy and feel over all more happy.