I eat 12-grain toast most morning but I have little time and can’t seem to get myself to have more. I work overnight shifts so my “morning” routine is at 9 pm, and I try to get as much sleep as possible because sleeping during the day is hard. Any suggestions on grab-and-go, eat while in the car healthy breakfasts? (I have a tomato allergy)

Nikolaj W.
I think an apple is an amazing grab n' go snack. You just open a drawer and wash it and you can crunch on it when you feel comfortable. If you do adopt the apples, make sure you find a good place to store them that IS NOT the fridge. A cold apple is really a pain to eat.
Lya O.
Hey there. If tomatoes are not an option, you can take pre-washed celery, cucumbers, nuts, raisins, carrots. I'm allergic to most nuts, so I only take cashews, mixing 50/50 raw and fried. This set is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins. One minus is that this food is low-calorie, so you are made to have a lot of it. For lunch I take home-cooked food in a container. Take care.
Abbie I.
How about a breakfast pita? With raisins in it. Toast it, bring it with you in the car if it's too much to eat before leaving. Barely crumbs. Good luck!
Don C.
It is good that you are grabbing some whole grains in the morning, that will definitely give you the carbohydrates that you need to burn throughout the day. It’d be good to add some protein, maybe some peanut butter, lean turkey deli meat, or almond butter. Itd be good to have an apple or banana or grapes to join the protein and grains. Also, if you have a little extra time the night or so before, mix up some overnight oatmeal or an omelette (to go on top of toast) or a breakfast burrito that you’d be able to pop in the microwave. It would be ready in the same amount of time it takes to make toast. (If you like, it’d be good to add some spinach and peppers or other veggies to the omelette or breakfast burrito).
Maiara Q.
I often boil eggs and keep them in the refrigerator so I can grab them for my breakfast when I’m in a hurry. I can eat them and drive if necessary or mash them quickly with a little mayo or avocado and put on toast.
Louna E.
I've been enjoying a couple of boiled eggs then a banana. You can boil a bunch of eggs up in advance and store them in the fridge so you can just grab and go!
Adam W.
Sure, your grab and breakfast can be boiled eggs, tuna packets, nuts and orange juice. Lots of protein to jumpstart your day
Wendy W.
I try to grab synergy drinks out of Whole Foods along with a mixture of almonds, apples, and a banana. It gives me what I need until lunch.
Freja X.
For on the go breakfasts I like:
high protein “Boost” drinks, bananas, Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage breakfast sandwiches, boiled eggs, sugar snap peas, and Think Thin Vanilla Creme Protein Bars.
Olivia X.
Overnight Oats! High protein, delicious and variable. There’s tonnes of recipes online and they’re very quick to whip up and keep on the fridge for about 3-5 days. Personal favourite.
Brandie P.
Protein bars/healthy snack bars and a fruit. Try finding out what the healthiest cereal bars are in your supermarket, and prepare it beforehand. You could maybe even have a box in your car. Good luck!
Wolfhard C.
A green smoothie is a great option. It keeps you full and satisfied for a long time while you can eat it on the go. It can also pre made so you can grab and go
Julio Z.
Wholegrain tortilla or lavash + filling of your choice e.g. shredded chicken brest, salad or cabbage, bell pepper etc + plain greek yougurt as dressing. Wrap it all. If prepared overnight it would stick together and you may cut your wrap in smaller pieces as finger food.
Noah U.
I like the Kind protein bars because they are low in sugar, and grab and go. I also take apples and peanut butter packs (like Smuckers or Justin)
Zachary Z.
One quick and easy way to get protein in the morning is eating a boiled egg or two. It pairs well with whole grain toast, so you can slice it a few times and put it right on top, or eat them separately. Slicing an avocado on top of it is also a great way to get healthy fats in the morning. Another option is to take a little time on the weekends to meal prep easy things like breakfast quiches with any vegetables you like, or with simple ingredients like ham and cheese. You can also make homemade whole wheat biscuits with ham, turkey, bacon, etc. for protein, or you can bake whole wheat scones as an easy way of bringing fruit into your mornings as well. My favorites are cranberry orange (good year round if you use dried cranberries), blueberry or raspberry (cheap if you buy frozen and thaw before baking with them), and strawberry peach (both dried). Having a varied diet in the mornings is important, so I always advocate for baking your own breads, biscuits, and scones because of all the different things you can make with them. It's unbelievably cheap (especially if you buy from winco's wholesale bins), SUPER easy to do, and unlike the store bought versions, there's no preservatives, no bleaching, and you know exactly what goes into each batch, which makes it a much healthier option.
Tristan F.
Do you have time to spread almond butter on your toast? I like a hard boiled egg with a handful of salted nuts. You could also add a couple slices of cheese to your breakfast. I cut extra slices of cheese and keep them in a container in the fridge to melt on my toast (toaster oven) or just grab to eat plain. Hope that helps a little!
Dipo P.
Hi! Whenever I face this problem, I always lean towards fruit. Bananas, apples, pears and berries are some of my favourites. With some fruits, I’ll also have a yogurt, just so I can be a little bit more full. I hope this helped!
Coline Q.
Try blending some yogurt with milk, fruits and maybe pumpkin seeds. If you make it liquid enough by adding milk it's good to eat while in a car (of course in closed container ;))
Gerhard X.
I think you’re doing great 🙂 a more nourishing ‘quick grab’ option could be a banana or apple and a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of nuts 🙂 I leave a peanut butter jar and spoon in my work bag to make it easier in the morning (and so I will not forget it). I hope this helps x
Violetta O.
I get it. Such schedules throws you off from following daily routine. And cooking breakfast is not an option. I'd suggest preparing sandwiches whenever you get time. Some awesome healthy sandwich recipes could be found on Youtube. They can be stored in airtight containers and carry it to work as your on the go meal. Also protein shakes are good option as filling and healthy meal. I personally don't get time either so i just blend lots of healthy stuff daily and make an awesome smoothie. Just search healthy morning smoothie recipe on Youtube. You have to put an extra effort if you wanna be healthy. Junk and unhealthy is easily available but committing to stay fit take bit of extra work.
Bendita N.
Plan ahead the previous evening exactly what u will eat the next day. That's how I work it for me.. I measure out porridge, apple, milk and leave out ny mug with tea bag and spoon. Leave water in the kettle. Therefore in the morning I switch on the kettle pour it into the porridge, make my tea and one minute for the apples in the microwave. What I'm saying is that planning is a good way to start. Hope that's helpful.
Carl B.
A handful of almonds is great. They're really good for you and also have protein which helps to keep you feel full longer.
Hanna U.
I like Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwiches… they are like the egg white delights at McDonald’s… they are lean and tasty… or you can whip up an egg and microwave it for a minute, put a piece of cheddar and a slice of turkey or ham on it and make a breakfast sandwich out of your toast… that’s how I make my to go breakfast and get protein.
Jeppe W.
I suggest a smoothie – homemade – no sugar but nice frozen berries, yoghurt, a banana & I put almonds in, too. Use a blender or a hand mixer (easier & less to clean). The whole process takes 5-8 mins. Put it into a portable coffee cup & off you go.
Malthe C.
Look for a breakfast bar that has lots of whole grains and lots of protein with vitamins and minerals. I am sure some exist but cannot name one off the top of my head. You want like 20g of protein to start the day. And then grab a piece of fruit you can eat. Lots of water and you’re good to go!
Robin U.
Boil and peel 5 hard boiled eggs. Grab one in the morning. Banana. If you have a Bullet or similar single serve blender that converts to a cup you can blend 1/2 to 1 cup 2% milk or almond milk, some blueberries and some cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. If too thick add some water.
Luigi E.
If you have time on a day off you could make a batch of egg and cheese muffins and then add, bacon, broccoli or spinach etc, put a batch in the fridge and freeze some which you can then just grab on the go. You can get the recipes online and they’re quite simple to make and you can alternate the ingredients to suit you. They’re full of protein so more filling than fruit or energy bars.
Mathew T.
Make your own grab-and-go breakfast burritos. That way you can fill them with super healthy ingredients and use whole grain tortillas.
Albano P.
You could possibly try a quick oat meal which you just need to pour with boiling water. Or you can prepare your breakfast a day before and just heat it up in the morning.
Jeppe Z.
Try preparing food in your day off. Or maybe even make a smoothie as you can drink it on your way to work and pack it with heaps of veggies and protein powder
Marie Luise Z.
How about a banana with peanut butter? This has usually helped me with grab-and-go breakfasts. Also, a handful of nuts with some cheese could be a healthy alternative.
Marius Z.
Some things I like to have are either 1) a banana or apple with peanut butter, 2) a carrot or celery stick with hummus, or 3) a smoothie that I prepared the night before (apple, banana, yogurt, frozen fruit or vegetable, almond milk, and orange juice).
Lynn O.
I love to meal prep on sundays, doing so gives me a lot more time to get all my meals in without all the hassle everyday. Some things I prepare are Vegetable egg cups which I cook right in a cupcake pan; I make Swiss oatmeal which is steel cut oats with 8oz of Almond milk, 1 cup of mixed strawberries & blueberries, 1 tbsp of sliced raw almonds and if you really need it sweeter you can add 1 tbsp of pure maple syrup: leave overnight in a mason jar; ricotta cheese and fruit toast, 1/3 cup of ricotta 1 cup fruit (I use apple slices) and 1 tbsp of raw honey; chia seeds are another great egg substitute, or oatmeal substitute. Premade fruit cups with plain Greek yogurt; I do protein shakes for either a snack or I do a meal replacement if I can’t eat.
Kenzi N.
Fry one egg (1 minute), place it on your 12 grain bread, add avocado and something green. Or just drink kefir while driving and later have breakfast at work.
Steven F.
Grab and go is what my High Schooler does most. I send her with either cut apple in a cup with a spoonful of peanut butter on the bottom, or banana with peanut butter (or almond butter). My Sister makes little egg bites in a muffin tin ahead of time so that they are easy to reheat quickly. If you have a blender, you could also make smoothie. My favorite is with kale, apple cider and banana – no chopping or peeling needed. Spinach, pineapple, avocado with a drop of mint extract is also delicious! Smoothie is great because I make enough to serve kids a small glass for breakfast and then pour the rest into a thermos for packed lunch. It also can be kept in the fridge if you have to make it ahead of time. If you rinse the blender as soon as you’ve poured the smoothie, it’s pretty light on cleanup too. Thanks for inspiring me with this very good question! Keep at it, and your “go to” list will get bigger.
Colin C.
Hard boiled eggs can be easy to prepare ahead of time, have the protien you should be getting, and you can eat them quickly. If you're already making toast, breaking apart a hard-boiled eggs on top of the toast is a small step that will dramatically increase the value of your breakfast.
Zo N.
I would suggest a piece of fruit like a banana or an apple which is easy to grab and eat. Nuts are also quick and filling.
Alison E.
I would suggest getting a banana and some peanut butter (or almond or sun butter if you are allergic to peanuts) and putting some peanut butter on the banana. It makes a good combo and you get good protein with vitamins. Hope you enjoy!
Kaitlin F.
U can boiled eggs cut vegetables and make a sandwich to have in car. Packed food are not really healthy still if u r out of time then have some yoga bar or protin bar in ur bag. But those bars are for snacks u have to sent some time for preparing breakfast as it is the first meal of the day.
Check in internet,there are thousand of easy meal prep suggestions pick one and try.
Good luck,be motivated and never give up.
Joshua E.
Make and freeze egg 'muffins' to eat on the go. Pop them in the fridge to defrost before you go to sleep they will be ready for your breakfast
Nina N.
I feel you! I keep disposable plastic cups and spoons around and I make instant oatmeal in the cup and take the spoon and eat it in the car while commuting. It’s relatively mess free and if you buy the high protein Quaker oatmeal they are surprisingly delicious and stick around longer. I’ve also been adding 2T of chia seeds to mine lately for an even heartier breakfast and a great fiber boost.
Brooklyn T.
Chia seed pudding. You make it the night before and it's fun to layer it with fruit. And since you are making it in advance you can use frozen fruit that will thaw as it sits over night. Make sure to add plenty of honey and granola for crunch.

Ramona T.
I do a lot of shakes that I make when I get home and put them in the fridge or oatmeal in a jar that I can eat in the car. I also do 2 ingredient pancakes that I prep night before (1 banana 2 eggs). Also breakfast bars are great
Chlo Y.
You can do a shake… One of my favorite has milk, a banana, a spoonful of peanut butter cream and a little bit of chocolate mix or instant coffee, it works great for me! Also you can cut fruit a day before and add a cup of natural yogurt and nuts as a topping.
Ted P.
I think you can try to make those cups with fruits in it. Like chop of some apples maybe bananas, oranges etc. and you are all set. Or as I like to do you can have some cucumber and carrots with peanut butter and make a snack out of it. For the meals to go part, I enjoy making sandwiches with grilled chicken, creme cheese and hazelnut if you wrap it inside aluminium folio it will stay warm too! But eating it cold is not that bad, since its not gonna be really cold. Also you may think of preparing salad in a jar with your selection of ingredients.
Logan I.
Hi there! As for me the best option for quick breakfast is a banana or an apple and some nuts. Also it could be yogurt with nuts and honey.
Wish you good luck with healthy habits!
Hermann Josef G.
You could take a little time on your day off to hard boil and chop some eggs to add to your toast. You can pick something else (like a yogurt sauce made with cucumbers to make it moist or add another moist fruit to yogurt like melon, avocado or any favorites you have. If you have some different fillers for your toast, you have a sandwich which even sounds better than just toast.
Sophie W.
Some fruit or nuts (especially nuts if you're driving) work really well for me. You could also try preparing your breakfast the evening before. Maybe have a look at overnight oats, smoothies and so on. You can grab them as you run out the door.
Ludwig I.
You could always spice up your toast with some peanut butter and banana slices. A fruit smoothie is also a delicious, easy, and good for on the go. Also, Lara bars are great for a grab and go option. They’re all natural and full of fruits and nuts. I hope this helps!
Elliot U.
Maybe it’s easier if you create a different eating schedule. I know everybody says how important breakfast is, but you might want to check intermittent fasting, this is something I’m experimenting with. I suggest you to do a little research about it, maybe it would work for you.