Vegan breakfasts ideas please!

Mexahe Y.
A. An apple and some oatmeal mixed with almond milk
B. A cucumber, a tomato, some olives and a bell pepper(like a morning salade) and black tea
C. Plain coffee, a banana and some wallnuts

Diana O.
-Fruit smoothie ( strawberries, pomegranate, stevia, dairy free milk)
– Avocado toast
– Dairy free oatmeal(you can find them in supermarkets cooked with water)
– Chickpea and sweet potatoe hash
– Energy bar
Hope this helped 💕

Samantha N.
You can have hummus (chickpeas paste) sandwish with some vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers and a cup of coffee or plant based milk

Obianuju H.
Went vegan 3 months ago, so all I know are quick unfancy foods loll. Oats and bananas, Chickpea Flour scramble, or Tofu if you like, Oven baked sweet potatoes, good for lunch too. Veggie Wrap and coffee if I'm really tired, or peanut butter on toast.