How do you overcome the fear of being happy?

Sarah Y.
The truth is that I don't. I try to overcome my fears and try to convince myself to not be afraid but that doesn't seem to ease the fear of happiness. The best way to challenge this fear is to throw yourself in situations that will likely lead to happiness. When I say this I mean that I try to challenge myself to try new things and socialise. It's when I do this things and find myself being happy that I become more comfortable with happiness and less afraid of it.

Mya F.
By moving from a space that didn’t allow me to be happy. I was in a space where I felt that I had to be miserable because I had not accomplished anything of value in that space. Once I had moved on from that space I realized that it’s okay to be happy. That it’s okay to happy over the simple accomplishments in life. It’s okay to be happy even when your space is full of unhappiness and negativity. It’s okay to be happy period. 🙂

Eggert U.
I don't fear being happy in general. I fear changing and not being myself anymore. I fear losing the ones I love, or hurting them because of my actions.

Sayeda F.
Happiness is not a fearful thing.
If I ever fear of being happy.Then I will watch a sad ending drama, movie,web series,Anime or this type of book.
Or I will listening to the sad people's story.