What’s your favorite quick but tasty breakfast?

Lucille Y.
Ceral, I think it's literally the best thing. However, I'd dare recommend Keto cereal so that you don't get hungry two seconds later
Cherry U.
My favorite quick but tasty breakfast is two granola bars along with a banana. Also if I have time, I pack a mixture of nuts like almonds, cashews and peanuts as an additional snack if I'm still hungry or I save it for later!
Em F.
I slow cook porridge in bulk at weekends to that saves me many time in the mornings. Alternatively I have fruit, and I've just bought a bowl of cereal for the first time in ages!
Sophia C.
Cereal as always. Mixing a variety of base: chocolate, wheat, cornflakes, etc. With toppings of coconut flakes, or almond slices. Then cut up fruits or berries.
Martha J.
One of my favorite quick breakfasts is a bagel with almond butter, strawberries, banana and blueberries with a dash of maple syrup. I will usually put a seed mix on top as well 🙂
Stephen Y.
My favorite tasty and quick breakfast is some toast with a little bit of butter and peanut butter. It makes it really creamy
Guilherme C.
Honestly, my favourite type of quick breakfast is plain croissant but since I’m trying to get healthier, I guess I can also pick mozzarella, tomato cáprese as my favourite. Not with bread though, fortunately, I’m not a big fan of bread.