What do you eat for breakfast when you are in a hurry?

Ella T.
I would maybe eat some cereal and milk since it is the quickest and simple. Plus, I don't even eat that much cereal or breakfast overall in the morning.
Silas W.
I always have something prepared from the night before. Like sauces or rice, that way you only have to cook your protein. And add a simple salad to have a full meal.
Glenda P.
I normally make a quick smoothie or grab a protein bar. I've always had the habit of skipping breakfast when in a hurry, but now I feel like it's important to try and get something in your system.
Temperance Q.
A granola bar is the easiest thing that we usually have in the house that takes little to no effort. Sometimes bananas, but too much food too wary in the morning is no good for my stomach.
Norman P.
A handful of nuts is good but I also try one boiled egg and a sausage or two when I don't have much of an appetite. If you don't like sausage you can try toast or any other healthy choice that would work for you. It's just recommended that you don't skip breakfast, just prepare something no matter how lazy you feel.
Larry G.
The answer is nothing. I can barely get myself to eat breakfast as it is on school days. If I’m running late, it makes me feel like I have a security blanket or excuse. Once when I was in gym, I passed out because I hadn’t eaten anything. Because I was almost late to school that day, no one questioned why. So I almost like when I’m running late because it gives me a sense of preparedness if anyone asks why I didn’t eat.
Suzy Z.
Well, when I'm hurry, I like eating healthy sandwiches or salad with a delicious drink (milk, tea, water, natural juice but no coffee) and a fruit like Apple, banana or peach.
Aayushi Z.
Geralmente um pão com mortadela, ou alguma carne já preparada. Se tiver alguma comida do jantar a noite, eu escolho ela.
Anthony O.
If I’m in a hurry, I usually have a fruit or a fruit smoothie. Sometimes I just eat leftovers from the night before if I have very little time to make anything.
Axel Z.
There is always time for breakfast , no matter how much slowly or fast we are , like people used to said before : Breakfast is the mt important meal for the body..