What do you guys drink with your breakfast?

Hans Dieter U.
Usually I drink a cup of tea or a cup of inka. Inka is a combination between milk and some powder cereals and it's very healthy, it tastes like coffee, but it doesn't have caffeine.
Annette Z.
Water, usually. I’m pretty hungry when I wake up, and making coffee takes time, so I have a glass of water while I’m eating, and once I’ve done that any my stretching, then I make coffee. I’m experimenting with have one cup of high test in the morning to see if I can handle caffeine.
Christian P.
I try to take vitamin D for breakfast like orange juice dont start your day with caffeine….. Som fresh fruit juices may turn out beneficial to your health
Jacob E.
I mostly drink coffee with a lot of milk so it's not a string one but sometimes I'd like to go easy with water or juice.
Sam Z.
I take a fruit juice or milk.
My favourite is an orange juice or a lime juice but drinking it early in the morning before eating something may cause problems as they are acidic.
So I drink a fruit juice like apple juice / avacado juice / watermelon juice / papaya juice. Other than fruit juice my preference is milk. ( Cow's milk/ soy milk / almond milk.
They gives energy and also add value to the breakfast while making it tastier.
Darryl E.
I drink water first thing in the morning and if I have a drink with my breakfast it's usually green tea. It energizes me much better than coffee and it doesn't completely change the taste of my meal
Gabi O.
People drinks different things in third breakfast, for example, milk, tea, milkshake, water, juice, etc. In mi case, I drink a shake with water, fruit, oat and honey. It's so delicious :9
Nadya Q.
Usually I drink fruit juice like cranberry, Apple, sometimes orange but if I haven't gone to the store ill just drink water
Marian U.
I normally drink tea with my breakfast. It’s especially nice in winter when you have to head out early and it’s really cold. Tea makes me feel warm, calm and full. It’s a really nice way to start the day.