What are some recipes for a quick breakfast before school?

Shawn U.
Boiled eggs (do it the night before to save time)
Smoothies (fresh/frozen fruits and spinach, make it with water/almond milk as base)
Banana and peanut butter
Egg bites (homemade in muffin pan with eggs and whatever you like in them)
Yogurt and fruit/granola
Eggs (I love eggs anyway I can get them high protein)
Mauro P.
My dear friend let me suggest you first of all to take your time for breakfast.. so get up earlier and maybe go to bed earlier. if you get up earlier you will have the time to have a breakfast, a real one. my suggestions for breakfast are one or two eggs maybe Sunnyside eggs then a sandwich with ham, after that the fruit the one you prefer or a fruit salad it would be even better and you can close this meal with the milk maybe a vegetable milk soymilk or you can choose one with a good flavour maybe vanilla soy milk and usually in this kind of vegetable milk You find also other elements like vitamins that’s good stuff since starting his way try for some days and you will see you will have a lot of good energy! so just to recap the first recipe for a good breakfast is time
Dorra O.
I just drink coffee to concentrate on study and a fruit (whatever you have) to be more energetic and a little sandwich with cheese i think it's enough just try to be healthy always
Heather P.
It depends on what you like to eat. I usually grab a bowl of organic oatmeal or for more effort I cook spinach and scrambled eggs the day before and make enough for 3 days. I individually portion those up, store in the refrigerator and microwave for 2 minutes. It’s quick and easy but you do need to do some preparation before hand.
Jeanne Y.
I usually grab for someone really simple. A banana and some nuts for my first thing in the morning breakfast. Or super basic like a bowl of cereal. I am also a fan of overnight oats. And if you make multiple you’ll have breakfast for more than one day.
Ilia P.
Boil a 3/4 cup of water
Boil water for coffee in a kettle
Add some salt to the water
Pour 1/2 cup of oats into the water and stir a bit
Lower the flame to medium
Make your coffee
When the oats are ready pour them into a small bowl
Add chia seeds, nuts, cranberries, blueberries and silan
Stir the oats


Dear N.
First day bread and better and coffee second day vegetable soup with fresh orange juice third day chocolate peanut butter with bread and green tea
Heather X.
I make Egg Cups! I make a full dozen at a time then just pop them in the microwave for 30 secs to reheat! Put slices of ham into each cup of a muffin tin. Crack an egg into each. Season with salt and pepper and top with a sprinkle of cheese! Bake at 400 degrees F for 12-15 mins until yoke is the consistency you like.
Alice T.
Omelet with vegetables:
– 3 eggs.
– 0.5 spoon of olive oil.
– 1.5 cup of vegetables.
Bran flakes
– 0.75 cup of bran flakes.
– 0.25 cup of raisin.
– 0.75 cup of skimmed milk.
Liz E.
Overnight oats is a very good one for me. You can prepare them in a glass jar or a tupperware and they are good for at least week. Greek yogurt and whole grain granola; I do this as well. Also, I like warm food in the morning, so I'll do a slice of power seed bread and two eggs. If I'm in a rush and haven't prepared anything some trailmix with, dried fruit and nuts, is an easy portable go to as well.
Gilbert J.
An apple or bananas are the quickest for breakfast, but in my opinion you should vary as well. You can prepare some oatmeal the night before, internet has tons of recipes. I'm blessed with the satisfaction of just 1 cup of milk which I heat up and just before boiling temperature I add half a cup of plain oats. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and I'm done! I haven't tried the pre prepared oatmeal yet. But I'm loving the just made oats.

Other than that, as I recall, you can make use of nuts! Easy to take with, and crunchy to eat! But, in my opinion, too boring to eat. So I'll just stick to my oats.

Becky E.
Single slices of bread (whole wheat or other) with spreads, cheese or meat. Overnigt oats that you either eat cold or quickly heat.
Ildefonso I.
Quick: pb&j or trail mix. not as quick: yogurt (plain, no sugar) and fruit or scrambled eggs (easy way to squeeze veggies into breakfast)
Charlie A.
I used to eat a packet of oatmeal before I left for school. It’s quick and usually sweet. If I want a savory breakfast I would have a scrambled egg with salt and pepper and garlic and onion powder. It takes a little longer ~4mins but it’s filling and takes my mind of my stomach.
Jen F.
I usually eat oatmeal with some blueberries and bananas or oatmeal with sliced almonds with a little bit of maple syrup. Sometimes, I have yogurt with granola too.
Victoria Z.
I usually squash some banana into a bowl, add rolled oats, oat milk and a handful of linseeds for the omega3 fatty acids. It's also a great meal to take with you in a jar and you put the leftovers back into the fridge as a snack later in the day.
Kelly O.
I prep homemade meals like frozen breakfast burritos and baked oatmeal to keep on hand so all I have to do is heat it up to have a delicious homemade breakfast.
Dorien N.
Fruit. In all shapes and sizes. If you pick them smart, you can eat them on the road. Berries, apples, grapes. No waste, great taste!
If you have more time, toss them in a bowl. Add some yoghurt, nuts and seeds and you will not be hungry for hours. Starting with your fruits in the morning sets a great intention for the rest of the day. You started healthy, and you want to keep up that good spirit!
My favorite is banana, 2 spoons of coconutyoghurt, a spoon of almond butter and some almonds, cashews on top! When I want to treat myself I’ll also add some dark chocolate. Enjoy!
Susie F.
Overnight oats are okay, if you like your oatmeal cold.

Some steel cut oats with your choice of milk. Honey for sweetness or your choice of sweetener. Add mixed fruit and mixed nuts and seeds.

Also, if planned ahead, pancake mix can be prepared the night before and pancakes make for a quick breakfast.

Another quick breakfast is yogurt, your choice of granola and fruit make a great breakfast!

Bagels and/or toast is a great option paired with a flavorful spread.

Marceau Y.
If you make some over night oats to sit in the fridge until the morning, you can pair that with some fruit and eggs for a quick and easy breakfast.
K Tia Q.
Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day,it keeps you energized through out the day.so i think for a quick breakfast you could have bread with peanut butter and some fresh fruit juice or oatmeal with milk
Zachary C.
My favorite breakfast is yogurt with granola and occasionally fruit. Looking for a low calorie option? Use Greek yogurt 👍
Lauren S.
Soak porridge oats with raisins the night before, in water and milk and honey add toppings (berries/nuts/but butter in the morning and eat straight from the fridge
Faith Q.
I normally have a sandwich which can include toast with butter, with turkey and mayo, with nutella, with a spread, with anything that someone feels like eating in the morning and it would include a healthy tea such a camomile and green tea, time to time an actimel and fruits!
Banu N.
Ehehe im Turkish 🙂 well, i prefer preparing a plate consists of cucumber, tomatoe, 5-6 oils and approximately 1x4x2 cm square cheese + boiled egg + green tea. It takes around 10 mins to prepare, 10 mins to eat. A dietician approved diet for mornings for a fulfilled nourishment and perfectly quick for a a Turkish 🙂