What do you eat before morning exercise? And what do you eat after?

Everardo W.
Before my morning exercise I usually have a glass of water only, but after my exercise I try to have foods with high protein and carbs like Eggs or pulses as it will give me the power to tackle my morning routine.
Bernard Y.
Actually I haven’t figured out on my eating routine before and after exercising. This has challenged me to follow up on it. If i am to share what has been happening with my eating routine then i would say it this way; i only have water before exercising early in the morning. And i have a heavy breakfast after that. If i am exercising on the early afternoon then I exercise after having a heavy breakfast. Contents in my heavy breakfast include the following; milk tea and doughnuts, or paratha rolls and cassava, it may be porridge and bread, chicken soup/ fish soup with pancakes
Actually it varies according to what i would prefer to make for breakfast on a particular day. I surely ensure a balanced diet throughout my day. Again, i don’t skip meals😂😂. I exercise to keep my body fit that’s all.