What do you eat for a quick pick me up snack?

Sula P.
I normally take a fruit 🍎 most likely an apple with me all the time just in case I get hungry. You can pack a protein bar or yYogurt
Joanne S.
I always have a small container of nuts (usually almonds), seeds and dried fruit with me if I get the hunger pangs. They are a good source of healthy fat and vegan protein that form part of my staple dietary requirements. Sometimes I'll add a few chunks of dark chocolate too! If I'm at home at the weekends, I may throw a little fresh fruit on a few spoonfuls of chia pudding that I make in advance and keep in the fridge. Similarly to above, it's a good source of protein and fibre from the chia seeds and fat from nut milk. I use unsweetened nut milk and the fruit acts as a natural sweetener.
Earl U.
Nut butter sandwich; endless opportunities for modifications depending on my mood and pantry. Feeling like I need some sweetness? Add my favorite jam. Trying to be healthier? Add veggies. Need some long lasting energy? Add avocado. Bored with it? Swap out the bread. Swap out the spread (peanut is my favorite, but the sandwich totally changes when I sub in cashew butter). Totally bored? Use hummus instead. Perfect, easy, fast snack.
Itatiara Q.
I have a few ideas for pick me up snacks, a banana which I really enjoy it's texture and energy boost, 3 seed crackers which have a great crunchy texture and give me a chance to refocus and also nuts, usually almonds.
M Rcio Z.
– Nuts
– Piece of fruit
– Smoothie
– Chia pudding (prepared day before) different variations – with fruits, cacao, pieces of coco..
Karen N.
I prefer eating fruits like an apple or a Banana, a hand full of raisins as a pick up snack. Sometimes, when I feel really hungry for example when I get back from work, I really can’t enforce any self control and I grab whatever I get like chips and other fried snacks.
Harvey F.
Usually I go for a banana or some other fruit. In case I don't have any fruit, I'll try to stick to some cheese, jelly or cracker
Tyler X.
Banana and cashews (10)
Jerky and a spoon of peanut butter
Hard boiled egg and an orange

I always try to mix protein, good fat and some natural sugars to create complex carbohydrates for my body’s fuel. The protein and the complex carbs take longer for the body to break down staving off hunger until my next meal time!

Snacks are easy to prep in advance for your week ahead so you can always have something with you. Planning ahead helps keep me in tune with my performance statement on nutrition so I don’t fail!

Constantin E.
I eat a lot of almonds, other nuts, or dark chocolate. I like to have an apple or orange in my bag when I go out. If I’m at home one of my go-to snacks is toast with almond butter or jam. Sometimes I grab a cheese stick.
Carlos E.
My snacks usually are protein rich- boiled egg, nuts, hummus with veggies or almond butter on an apple. If I’m feeling sluggish, I may have half a wheat bagel or 2 squares of dark chocolate.
Jeff A.
I eat seasoned almonds as a snack. There are so many flavors to try. I love the coconut ones when I want something sweet. I like the wasabi flavor when I want something with a kick. I eat a small handful and that holds me over to my next meal. I like that they are good for me!
Cl Mence C.
Ever since I switched to intermittent fasting (only eating between 10 AM and 6 PM), I find myself having 2 or 3 large meals and desiring no snacks whatsoever. It’s like my body goes “Gimme, gimme something big to nourish myself!” and no longer wants to bother with snacks.
Franklino Q.
If you have a sweet-tooth, like me, Fruit or biscuits is the best – not too many biscuits though.
If you like something a little more savoury, nuts that aren't salted are great (especially almonds), bread rolls and savoury biscuits are also good.
Edelmira N.
Soylent! I don’t love the taste and I could not drink it for every meal, but it’s great as a snack that I know is nutritionally complete.
Mechtild U.
Orange if I’m being good. Ice cream if it’s at home. Muffin if I’m in the office. Chocolate croissant if I’m at an event. Overall not the greatest choices. Have to make it easier to pick up good stuff
Vanesa T.
Fruit is always a food choice. I usually take an appler with me so I can eat it later in the day if I am hungry. Cucumbers or celery are good choices too. Celery goes great with a little peanut butter
Zachary Y.
I keep snack bars on me at all times. I learned this trick because I have food allergies and can’t always have a quick snack anywear. Kind bars or chia pudding in a mason jar can work. What ever you like that is portable and can keep on you.
Coline P.
It depends where I am. I do have a naughty snack now and then. otherwise it’ll be fruit to a rice cake to a piece of cheese. I’ve joined Slimming World so I have some guidelines. Best is when I drink water which seems to weirdly stop food cravings.
Brooke U.
I usually have some raw nuts of various sorts stashed around me for the in between meals snacking; fruits also play an important role in this aspect as well.
Lea X.
Sometimes I'll have some yoghurt with a bit of fruit. I like berries and seeds as they have a strong flavor and are easily digestible.
Henry N.
I hardly ever snack and “pick me up” means something I love to eat which is never healthy – chocolate, ice cream, sweet tea, a chocolate chip cookie. Hot tea with honey is probably the healthiest pick me up (or most soothing thing I do). Which reminds me that I need to get more honey and purified water.
Malthe Y.
in a small box, I put: some hazelnut, walnut, almond, Amazon nut, and a square of dark chocolate. sometimes I bring a compote of fruits.
Elsa B.
Cookies! Anything sweet really, I love sweets but I'm pretty good about not over eating them so I can really just have ONE cookie and feel content. Makes me feel good to practice that kind of self control. Carbs are a whole other story.
Abigail Z.
A slice or 2 of good quality sliced turkey with a slice of cheese rolled up with a celery stick in the middle! If in s hurry, maybe a protein bar or shake. The protein keeps you satisfied until your next meal.
Ros Ria O.
If Im craving something salty than I will go for veggies and hummus, taco chips and salsa or popcorn. If Im feeling more sweet than I will go for banana and peanut butter and a tea
Martinha C.
That depends on the circumstances. It could be some almonds or dates. Or a slice of rye bread with tuna salad or similar. Or a piece of dark chocolate. I rarely snack however.
August Z.
Apple with nut butter, chocolate, chips, banana smoothie, banana, nuts and dried fruit, juice, dark chocolate and nuts, berries and nuts
Silke Z.
I usually don’t eat any snacks in between meal times, even if I find my energy levels getting low. Though if I ever do, I usually go for some kind of fruit. My personal favorite would be bananas.
Bonif Cio Z.
I balance out with both the healthy and junk food. Two out of 3 times I've healthy snacks like the bananas, something baked, sprouts, etc.
Cassandra U.
My personal favorit is cottage cheese with chopped banana and cinnamon. You could put on a little honey for more sweetness but try to keep your sugar intake low.

But as always, don't worry about it if you take a little more sugar, as long that is not an every day thing