Do you meal prep? And if yes, what do you make?

Amalie F.
I didn't prepare but I ate pancakes with banana and strawberry. My mother is strict with healthy eating and lifestyle. I never skip breakfast but once I did and it was not so good. That day was so bad, I was so tired to do anything that it when I understood why breakfast is important. Like my mother says to me" it is the energy kicker of the day ". Eating a good breakfast gives us all the energy we need for the day. So never ever skip your breakfast. Like people say" eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar ".
Anshul T.
I make sure once a week grocery shopping. And stock the veggies for the rest of week. Also I make sure I make small boxes of lunch and stack it up in fridge , generally my mise-en-pla is ready at the time of cooking . And this way I don't use much to cook also eat healthy. I have altered my diet from non – veg to vegetarian. For chicken I found Soya is great alternative.
Ann F.
Yes, to an extent. I try to cook up enough meat on Sunday to last through Friday. Usually just chicken, either on the grill or in the crock pot, and either burgers or seasoned ground beef. I also make tuna salad, and I get precooked frozen sausage links that can be microwaved for quick protein. Then throughout the week I mix it up by adding various vegetables, usually a bagged salad kit or a streamable bag of frozen broccoli and/or cauliflower, adding a variety of seasonings to suit my mood. For me, if it takes too long or is too complicated, chances are I won't do it, so I try to keep it simple while still having variety.
Roberto S.
Anytime I have extra rice I put a single serving in a larger container and freeze it. Then as the days go along, I add extra leftover veggies, meat, sauce, so eventually I have a freezer meal ready to go for work.
Nada N.
I don’t meal prep. But I should. I’m always feeling tired. Or I don’t have the mental energy for it and I also hate cooking so I don’t meal prep
Sofie P.
Yes! I love to make sauteed shrimp with veggies and salmon with rice and veggies. I'm pescatarian so eating enough vegetables and protein is hard to do unless I'm being very conscious about it.
Jess G.
Because I start work quite early, the meal I prep for most is breakfast as I like to start my day with quite a big but healthy and wholesome breakfast. Some things I make are overnight oats and omelettes because these can keep for quite a few days which makes my morning routine a lot easier!
Cody F.
Hey there actually I do sometimes but it’s not regular for me!
I prepare salads ( veggies lettuce spinach tomatoes beans broccoli…)and a protein (egg chicken breast fish, ect)
Chicken stakes
Boiled vegetables
Kym Z.
No, and yes…I don't prep meals, I prep ingredients for cooking. I cook more than I need and then us leftovers for other meals.
Domitille N.
I do. I make a plan for the week, prepare menus and only focus on that. When I have the time, I make 2-3 times more to later freeze it.
I love soups and make a lot and then freeze it. (Peas/ricotta, carrot, butternut soup…)
I make big pots of food, such as curry or French cuisine such as quiche etc. It’s easy to make and you can freeze some. (I’m French so I looove cooking and baking, but once you do it, the funnier it gets!)
Sigfried X.
Yes! Meal prepping is a must for me during the week. I prep at least 4 days of 2 meals – bfast,luch; lunch, dinner; bfast, dinner. Then I make sure I have healthy convenience item handy for snacking as well. I tend to gravitate towards quick and easy during the week having prepped meals keeps me grabbing something fueling and deliscious
Christina Y.
I absolutely love meal prepping! My go to meal is a bowl of pasta salad with bell peppers, carrots, celery, green onions, and olives with ceasar salad dressing on top. Make sure to use vegetable based noodles or whole grain noodles for the extra bump in your diet! 🙂