How do you account for mornings where you have too many other responsibilities? I have a baby, a dog, a spouse, and a job that sometimes starts way too early.

Emma Y.
I think it would be best to try to organize your time as best as you can with all of your responsibilities, and when you go through the morning, do whatever you can at the time.

Prepare the night before so it's easier on you, even if you start a really early shift; leave water on your nightstand or in your room so it's already close by, make something for breakfast the night before, and so on and so forth.

Andr A Z.
Cercare di alzarsi anche solo 5 minuti prima per fare una colazione veloce, o preparare la sera il caffè così la mattina devi solo scaldarlo.
Nicklas W.
Life can be hectic & get in the way sometimes. Don't stress yourself over a missed day here are there. Just make sure you do it later in the day or definitely the next day. Otherwise schedule your day better to account for those interruptions
Bomble O.
Personally when I have school in the morning ( starts at 6:00) what i like to do is try and complete as many items as possible. It helps with not feeling as rushed and stressed in the morning.
Martegus Z.
I realized that you need a special place like a desk keep it organized and have a planner so you can start your time management. It’s going to take a plan and time management