I find if I eat first thing in the morning I seem to get hungry earlier and eat more overall, so I tend to put breakfast off as much as possible. Any tips for preventing this overeating later as a result of eating breakfast?

Eliott T.
Maybe try and introduce breakfast slowly back into your routine. Try starting with a snack and then move up from there. For me I try to eat a peanut butter bar when I wake up and then go for a run, when I get back I’ll usually make something more like eggs and bacon and maybe a bagel. But yeah, just like this app is doing, introducing with the attitude that it’s a reward is also a great idea. Hope I helped 🙂
Alv Rio S.
Have something to eat when you're hungry and wait in on between, give yourself a smaller serving and then eat again in an hour or two, this is better for your body and will not result in over eating either
Dick Z.
Drinking half a liter wayer and taking a shower hekps me tho to get my hunger going.Try to eat carb and protein reach breakfasts like avocado egg toasts and juices or coffee/ tea whatever you like but really eat rich.
Jayli E.
Make some healthy drink like a celery juice,kale smoothie or ash guard juice in the morning n don’t eat anything until two hrs… this good habit will take care of the rest of the day cravings
Benjamin C.
I feel like that sometimes so I tend to pack my breakfast into portions. Maybe as I while I’ll eat an apple with some toast and orange juice. I might start with something light like the apple and later in the morning finish up my toast and orange juice.
From J.
Try to eat healthier foods such as oatmeal in milk and a bowl of fresh fruits! Personally i adore having this everyday in the morning !🤗 or toasts with eggs and avocado or toast butter jam and fruits. Hope that i helped👑 u can do this!
Elda Q.
Actually it is very normal to feel hungry later on after you eat breakfast. It is one of the benefits of eating breakfast. However, if you hadn’t noticed but when you have breakfast, the next meal you eat, you will feel satisfied faster !
If you have a problem snacking a lot in between meals, then you need to find healthier snack options ( like nuts, dried fruits )
The next thing you can do is actually eating bigger meals. Maybe you are not feeding your body enough for it to feel satisfied for longer. Make sure you eat more protein if you are worried about weight, always pair that with carbs , calcium and vitamin sources. When your body is imbalanced , that is when it asks for more food and feels weaker 🙂
Always make sure to hydrate , ALWAYS.
This is very important because not only will food be digested more properly, but you will stop craving so much food . Sometimes hunger is mistaken for dehydration.
Make sure you are also eating the right things for breakfast, do not eat carb sources that give you short term energy, instead eat oats which are amazing as a replacement for bread. Make sure you have protein for breakfast too, because that helps with so many bodily functions. And try having coffee or tea after your breakfast not before, this suppresses your appetite if you want to avoid over eating;)
The most important thing is to be grateful to your body by giving it all the nutritional value and supplement to help you get through your day. You are beautiful and amazing for taking this step and wanting to better yourself .
Stay safe, good luck !!
Aur Lien Z.
Yes, I eat when I am hungry. This way I don’t overeat later. I aim for small frequent meals. I tend to be able to eat smaller healthier snacks/meals if I eat this way, instead of larger high calorie meals. Being hungry is a sign your metabolism is higher.
Brit J.
From my personal experience eating more during the day is caused by the tasks we performed not necessarily that you've had breakfast too early. But if that is the case I would recommend having breakfast a little later in the morning for example rather than eating at 6 a.m. have breakfast at 10 a.m.
Freja A.
Eat a more filling and satisfying breakfast. Drink lots of water throughout the day. And remember it’s not bad to eat ! Eat some fruit or a healthy snack to satisfy the hunger. If your body needs fuel don’t feel bad about giving it some 🙂
Siew W.
Maybe I can just limit myself that how much food I can eat or plan the breakfast one day before about how much is it ( Size/Weight ) and also what food.
Abenezer G.
I try to get things done before I eat breakfast .. maybe drink water get some sunlight and feel your body wake up then eat and get to work that usually does the trick
Shy T.
Try having more satisfying breakfast with protein or healthy fats to keep you full for longer. I personally like eggs or hummus/peanut butter toast.

Another option is to have more meals with less food per meal. That side you have with lunch could be your scheduled snack between breakfast and lunch, for example.

Becky U.
Try drinking water, then having breakfast. Also, try drinking more water, it helps reduce cravings. Having breakfast in the morning will give you more energy throughout the day.
Carolina P.
Eat a big breakfast, it seems weird I know but when you at enough in the morning meaning the 3 food groups you will have enough energy and when lunch come try to eat until till you feel full and drink plenty of water between bites of food and slow the pace but for dinner it should be the smallest meal of the day maybe like half a chicken breast and a cup of vegetables with some fruit
Penny J.
Eat a strong and healthy breakfast that contains proteins and that can last you till the afternoon for example you can eat plain yoghurt with various nuts and fuits mixed together than an apple or banana for the morning
Olivia E.
When I get up, I usually and hungry but I put it off a little to workout or stretch then have a shower. This lets me be very hungry for brekky and I have something like porridge or hard-boiled eggs that fills me up. This 1. has helped me maintain weightloss and 2. be full until lunch time. This is just me personally so I don’t know if it will work for everyone. If you build a habit of eating a little later everyday, then your cravings will shift to fit that, I think.
Mijo X.
Even a bottle of water and a granola bar are a breakfast! You got this, limit yourself through the day. I find snacks that can run out always best, like if I want chips that day I'll put em either in a zip lock baggie or a sealed bowl, that way I'm not tempted to keep eating the rest of the bag cuz they're already open next to me. snacks are always the best between breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack.. Also use the willpower you have to take a step in create these habits and sticking to a positive change in your life. Choose the best you, say no to temptation, remind yourself what you have to do, and if you can remember to balance 3 1/2 plentiful meals a day (midnight snack Is the 1/2) where your eating more at meal times and not through out the day. Remind yourself: to get some snacks together maybe the night before when your getting your water bottle before bed. 3 good size meals a day, and Limited Snacking whenever you feel the urge to eat will compress that urge of feeling of hungry all the time, and doing this enough will become habit and your hunger will start to be less often except around meal time. Will power, limiting yourself and balancing ur meals at meal time is key.
Sarah Z.
Make sure you’re eating a healthy filling breakfast and prep lab your snacks and food for the day. Even label it per day so you’re less likely to go eat your food for the next day. It will help keep you from over eating and turn to water instead. Many times when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty but our body doesn’t just tell us that. Drink a glass of water, wait 15 mins and then see if the hunger is still there
Muskan T.
Take some heathy fruits or dry fruits when u become Hungary and eat them in a small amount it will be healthy as well as remove ur hunger.
Sofie G.
I guess that would depend on how much you’re eating for breakfast,exactly. Or rather, what you eat. If you eat something filling, then you stay full for longer and don’t feel as hungry during the day. But if you eat something empty of nutrients, then it’s like teasing your brain to register more hunger. But remember, not eating breakfast doesn’t mean that you won’t be hungry, you still need that fuel, but your brain doesn’t really register it until you start eating.