What time do you normally have breakfast?

Meredith P.
I normally have breakfast an hour after i have coffee, so around 9am. By then I’ve been breastfeeding night and morning and need some calories.

Rita O.
I usually get up at 8 or 9 kind of depending on my work schedule. Regardless I have breakfast no later than 9-10. This helps me whenever I go to work usually around 11-12, stay fueled until around 2-3 where I need a little bit more od a boost.

Ayten F.
It varies but I've been trying to wake up around 8 o'clock and since I'm not to fussed about a specific time, I end up eating around 9. This is beacause I'm approaching breakfast from a habit point of view (I'm trying to stick to completing my habits in a specific order, cause I suspect this will make things easier).

Judy F.
Well, currently around 8:00 AM, but when I was doing contract work it was 7:00 AM. I like getting up earlier, but since everyone is working from home, we try to stagger our start and end times. Sometimes I just get my morning coffee or tea first, then eat my food after meditation and journaling.

Ivan F.
I have breakfast at around 9:30-10. Cause I wake up, get lazy about starting my day. After I start my routine, drink water, do yoga, shower and after all that I eat my breakfast

Claire T.
Usually within an hour of waking up, which varies day to day. That hour let's me do yoga and start my morning routine which allows me time to get in tune with my body and hear what it needs to start the day.