Is drinking orange juice actually beneficial EVERY morning?

Brian F.
No, drinking orange juice every morning is not beneficial, especially in the long run. Orange juice is filled with sugar, which is a quick way of getting energy, but at the same time it will cause your body to crash due to blood sugar dips. I believe drinking water first thing in the morning may be the most beneficial drink that you can have every single day. It will provide the hydration our body needs after sleeping through the night and will make us feel more refreshed.
Stella E.
I usually only drink water. My coach told me that drinking only water isn’t good because you pee more with makes you flush out your Nutrients. So it depends on how much water you plan to drink throughout the day I’m pretty sure there are more pros and cons which I’m sure can look up I hope this has helped you
Serenity F.
No, juice contains a lot of hidden ingredients and sugar you don't need. It's better to take a quality vitamin C supplement and drink water instead.
Hannah P.
I drink orange juice every morning or at least I try to! It’s beneficial because of all the vitamin c in it, especially if you take iron in the morning. Vitamin helps iron absorb better into the body. In general vitamin C also helps your immune system!
Pearl O.
I may be mistaken but I believe it takes several oranges to prepare a cup of orange juice. That can add up to a lot of sugar. Would it not be better to simply eat one orange?
John O.
No, that's way too much fructose. I think of it as eating 4-5 oranges in one go but without all the fiber goodness. You just wouldn't do that. Maybe have an actual orange instead.
Onofre I.
Yes and no. Orange juice is high in vitamin C and that might help protect you from getting a cold. But on the other hand it is naturally loaded with sugar. If drinking orange juice every morning brings you joy, then do so. But limit the amount to about 4-6 ounces.
Diana U.
No, Orange juice contains a fair amount of sugar also many orange juice have added sugar. Despite the high levels of vitamin c, the sheer sugar content over time, with chronic consumption, will out weight the vitamin c benefits
Leon P.
Not as beneficial as eating an actual Orange. OJ contains added sugar which is a simple carb. Eating an orange has less sugar and more fiber. The fiber helps to slow down the processing of sugar into energy or fat.
Avery O.
No. In fact the sugar (fructose) will cause an, energy crash. You really need to get back to its natural state which sunning on fat. Cut sugar and bread
Lilo F.
Not really. Most store bought orange juice has a lot of sugar and additives. Maybe fresh squeezed orange juice would be a better option. 😊
Gon Alo E.
I dont think its beneficial at all bro. You are basically just drinking sugar (check the tag on the bottle) better eat any fruit. You get the vitamin and the fibre makes sure the sugar stays low in your body. Good for your health and body weight too!
El A Y.
Orange juice is good but has calories. Also it’s liquid. After you drink it, you are still hungry. Not too much is good
Andr A Z.
Depending on what you eat. You can get the vitamin C from ither sources of fruits too, so if you are having for example a fruit salade as breakfast- than the orange juice will only be extra sugar added…
Olivia C.
If you want to cut a sugar connection, then end the OJ ritual. Eat an orange i stead and have tea or milk or water. Have the OJ occasionally, but, to be fabulous, you want to quit any sugar ritual.
Seth Q.
I think orange juice is better drunk occassionaly & in small juice glasses. It has sugar but little fiber. Better would be whole fruit like an orange or grapefruit. Water w/a slice of lemon is good thirst quincher .
El Sia Y.
Well, as for me, I drink juice every morning, and I can tell that it really helps to keep your body energized for the rest of the day, especially when you do it daily, so your body gets used to this habit
August M.
It’s helpful for Vitamin C as long as you keep your eye on keeping out any added sugar. Personally, I prefer the actual orange itself, grown organically.
Fatih X.
Orange juice has a lot of sugar so just make sure it's not a lot. And no you don't need to every morning, I think you'd probably be better off just taking supplements, or, eating strawberries,as they actually have more vitmain c than oranges do.
Rosmarie X.
No. Thats a lot of sugar to be consuming every morning. Sometimes the fact that it come a from fruit (healthy) can make you think it could do no wrong but that is actually a LOT of sugar
Hans Herbert S.
Personally I don’t drink orange juice everyday or even every week, but according to this website ( ) there are many benefits to drinking orange juice every day in the morning! So maybe I should start doing this haha!
Molly G.
While I’m not an expert in nutrition, I can safely say that too much of anything is bad for you. Plus, you’ll get sick of orange juice if you drink it every. single. day. Moreover, drinking something as acidic or more such as orange juice too frequently will negatively affect your teeth!
Mark Q.
There is a lot of sugar in orange juice. Maybe limit it to homemade orange juice so you know there are no preservatives/additives, and even then, maybe have it once or twice a week.
Steffen C.
No. Don't drink juice. Juice is generally useless. It's tasty, it's delicious. It's ever so slightly less bad for you then pop. But, no, don't drink juice
Savannah U.
Benefits of drinking orange juice every morning

Why orange juice? A squeezing orange machine and a toaster are basics to have a good breakfast, and this is the key to start the day full of energy. Doctors recommend the intake of fruits and fibre in the morning to help the body restore itself and get its daily vitamin C fix.

Citrus fruits are known for the high content of vitamins, what better way to wake up than a freshly squeezed orange juice? The benefits of its consumption are very extensive, these are some of the most important ones:

Vitamin C helps prevent and improve many illnesses and its antioxidant effect slows down the premature ageing of the cells. Some studies even conclude that a daily orange juice consumption can lead to an increased life expectancy. Whilst at the same time, reducing cholesterol levels.
The daily consumption of fresh squeezed juices also helps towards the daily fluid intake requirements. This also helps to maintain good levels of hydration and to keep healthy metabolism and skin.
Drinking orange juice daily helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates, thanks to the natural sugar, vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally found in oranges.
The oranges benefits, once consumed, intervene in the construction of proteins and help sustain an acid-base balance, thanks to the large amounts of potassium.
The consumptions of natural fibre after taking a glass of orange juice every day, helps regulate the intestinal flora, avoiding illnesses such us gastroenteritis, as well as constipation. Needless to say, it also supports the body to eliminate residues and to experience a good digestion.
Orange juice helps prevent illnesses

Furthermore, having freshly squeezed orange juice on a daily basis, may help individuals to fight against obesity, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer.

If you still haven’t introduced orange juice in your diet, this is the perfect moment to start looking after yourself and begin the first day of the rest of your life. If you would like information about the perfect squeezing machine for you, get in touch with us and we will help you in your quest for a new healthy lifestyle.

Noah T.
Drink water first then drink your orange juice water gets your body going first thing in the morning the orange juice keeps it going
Walter U.
Drinking orange juice daily helps the body to metabolise carbohydrates, thanks to the natural sugar, vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally found in oranges. Besides weight loss, fruit juice strengthens your immune system, aids digestion and prevents allergies & ailments from entering your system. Fruit juices detoxify your body and naturally flush out the toxins from your body which results in weight loss. Eating raw fruits and vegetables are beneficial over juices.
Jennifer W.
OJ is delicious and I count it as fruit, but I know whole fruit is even better. I change it up with different fruit juices, tea, coffee, or milk.
Get Lia N.
I do not think that drinking orange juice regularly is beneficial. The reason is due to the high sugar content of juice which lacks the fibre of unprocessed fruit. This causes blood sugar levels to spike and then rapidly decline which will leave you feeling tired. In addition, sugar acts as a diuretic which causes dehydration.
Franziska T.
Yh why not, however one can spice things up with an incorporation of other fruits such as lemon, mango, pineapple, etc. Or one could have other juices instead of just sticking with orange juice.😊
Zeynep U.
I actually avoid juice for the most part unless you are squeezing it yourself. If you are I’d say most mornings, but if it’s store bought you should really look out for added sugars, flavorings, and dyes these will bog you down later.
Sandra E.
t is that scholars have found that, because it contains too much sugar in its composition – called fructose -, the substance ends up going to the liver and the large intestine. "This first organ metabolizes sugar, generating a high amount of glucose that ends up being stored in the form of fat. In the large intestine, according to the researchers, sugar has the potential to deregulate the intestinal microbiota.According to experts, a single glass of the drink contains more sugar than the body is able to process. And the same goes for the juices of watermelon, grape, melon and tangerine. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on a green juice based on cabbage, pineapple, ginger and lemon. "This alternative is an antioxidant, it aids in the prevention of aging, it favors the functioning of the intestine and it also strengthens the immune system without overloading the body with fructose
Kitty X.
Oj on its own is very high in sugar (fructose) and will spike your blood sugar levels which sets you up for the energy highs and crashes through the day just like other sugary drinks in the morning. You're better off with just water.
Ra L S.
Orange juice is actually a sugar bomb because so many components of the orange are not included. It is only truly beneficial if you blend it rather than juice it.
Suzanne Q.
In this summer month anything liquid is always good, though juices should not be canned, fresh ones are the most beneficial
Morgan O.
I would say yes, if natural with sugars added. It not only provides you with vitamin C, but also potassium and other needed vitamins as well.
Ella A.
It's best to rotate different fruit and vegetables to get most nutrients. Also, from what I read, it's best to eat whole fruit (or smoothie) rather than juice in order to get valuable fibers rather than mostly sugars (fructose).
Louis O.
Probably not. Orange juice is high in vitamin c which is good, but it's also acidic which can damage your teeth. And most store bought orange juice is really high in sugar. Drinking it later in the day and not on an empty stomach is better, while starting the day with water probably has more benefits.
Gabe J.
I would say no. Store bought orange juice, most fruit juice for that matter, has so much sugar that it's closer to drinking a soda than something healthy. If you do want to drink it, I would say make it fresh squeezed and maybe not every day.
Alice W.
I think supermarket orange juice has got too much sugar, so drinking everyday wouldn't be the best idea.
But home squeezed juice or even eating a whole orange each morning could be a good ingredient for a nutritious breakfast.
Edgar Y.
Depends on the orange juice. Not all are made equal. It also depends on how much you drink. Orange juice, as any juice, has a lot of natural sugars and some add sugar. It also is naturally acidic and brushing teeth after consumption is recommended. However, a small glass of fresh squeezed orange juice can be very refreshing and beneficial. Orange juice is high in many nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, and potassium. It also provides antioxidants. My rule of thumb: everything in moderation. Choose fresh squeezed over bottled. If bottled, the less ingredients the better. I hope that helps.
Zedeci Z.
not really since orange juice usually contains a lot of sugar, because orange is a fruit that has a lot of sugar in it. but this kind of juice also have a lot of c vitamins which can be a good thing since it makes your immune system stronger.
Floyd U.
Orange juice is very high in sugar and will cause a spike of insulin, especially if it’s the first thing consumed in the morning. I almost always dilute my orange juice with water, and will eat eggs or a handful of nuts first thing to keep down that insulin spike.
Mathilde Y.
In some ways probably yes but it would be better to eat an actual orange, because it has fiber AND the vitamins, unlike just orange juice.