What is your favourite cold meal that you can bring with you to work/school?

Daisy J.
Tuna noodle salad. Mine has celery, onions, shell noodles, miracle whip, pepper and the beat seasoning, Phil's Phixins. I'll add garden peppers if available. It's best with buttered toast, so keep it cool till lunch and find a toaster!

Randall J.
A sandwich with any protein like ham, beef or chicken and veggies such as lettuce, spinach, arugula, chard and tomatoes. I sometimes add some sort of low fat cheese like panela or goat cheese and spread about a teaspoon of mayo on one slice and mustard on the other. For dessert, yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit is simple but quick to pack the day before, if a fruit is not sweet enough I just add a bit if honey.

Norma J.
My favorite cold meal i can take with me is probably just yogurt with granola. I take it with me in separate boxes and mix it when i want to eat it.

Terrence O.
Overnight oats. It's great for mornings where you know you'll be in a rush so you can prep the oats the night before, maybe have some toppings prepped in a to go box as well so you just grab and go!

Vanessa E.
I like to bring cous cous with chicken, zucchini and tomatoes, and also a bit of onion, celery and carrot to toast it in the pan. I also like pasta with basil pesto (surprisingly, it tastes good when cold).

Eliza Z.
When we refered to take some kind of food to the school, in my case, I love to always take with me some healthy snacks, like almonds or walnuts. If I'm going to have a long journey before getting back to home, I also take with me some fruits like a banana or an apple.

Jared A.
Ouhhh, since I am pretty difficult with foods I bring multipe snack for example, mixed dried berries, yogurt, cheese, charcuterie, crackers. Things like these ^^

Mario M.
Well I don’t carry food to work cause they make it for us but it has to be this pasta salad that they make once in a while that has some olives, feta, and some cherry tomatoes so good!