How do you have time to eat breakfast within an hour after you wake up?

Rezzy I.
A quick energy bar and get ready to head out the door to begin my day. Until I am completely drained of the 24 hrs in a day.

Shin Z.
Well, my mother is the one who prepared breakfast for me, except when she’s busy. The tip to do things just in an hour is wake up and do everything done without touching your phone. My mom told me to eat only, don’t watch and eat at the same time. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not used to it. Have a break when you’re finished with your morning routine!

Dylan O.
It depends on when you wake up, when you have to do other things, and when you have to go to work/school. I personally eat breakfast as soon as I can – planning your meals helps as well.

Panpan C.
I have my breakfast within an hour after my wake up, my family already prepare for me the breakfast. That’s why I usually have my breakfast everyday.

Monica O.
What? I mean…what? Is it not the first thing you do in the morning? The time is there just grab it. Get up, and have breakfast. How do you not do it within the next hour? I even wake up earlier sometimes…I need to have breakfast!