What are some egg-free breakfast ideas?

Anna N.
Oat meal is a healthy breakfast but if you want you can add banana ,apple and cinnamon to get more nutrients in! But ai also recommend blending frozen fruit and you’ll end up having a sweet sorbet treat!
Anete N.
Toast two whole wheat bread slices, then spread the cottage cheese on it. Finally cut the banana slices and put them on a whole wheat bread. Your welcome.
Silke J.
I’m not a person to eat large breakfasts so my small egg-free breakfasts are usually some apples and peanut butter with a handful of blueberries and pistachios. There’s also yogurt and/or oatmeal with berries. If you want something a bit more lunch-y one of my favorite foods is a grilled cheese with ham, lettuce and tomatoes and spiced up with salt, pepper, Italian spices (oregano, parsley and basil), and a pinch of chili flakes.
Zaki N.
1- bannana peanut butter toast with a little bit chea seeds
2- Yogurt and oatmeal with nuts sweetend with agave syrup
3- falafel sandwich is healthy and ful of vegetables
This is what i had for my past 3 days of breakfast habit building