How can you save time without planning the night before?

Rosemary Z.
Think of the two things that you would usually slip on in the morning for the sake of being on time, do those the night before, even if they're as simple as find your keys and bag/wallet, before you go to bed and put them somewhere handy. This will make you feel like you've saved a ton of time in a pinch. The feeling of accomplishment will inspire you little by little too complete other tasks on time.
Cherly E.
Planlægge min morgenmad og hvad jeg skal gøre når jeg er stået op. Derudover skal jeg drikke vand så snart eller så hurtigt som muligt efter jeg er vågnet.
Sebastian E.
I think you need to plan the night before! Plan what you will eat, make sure you have clean clothes, plan what exercise you will do until you make it a routine and it becomes automatic. Having these things in place and being prepared is the preparation to success.
Moritz F.
Visualising what everything you need and knowing exactly where everything you need is, helps incredibly. Making a plan for what you need and in which order youre going to acquire it helps also. But the best bet is just putting everything where you need it the night before
Barbara F.
Think of the most important tasks while getting ready for the day and order then. Being in the moment will avoid mistakes and shorten the time. Write down or use voice control on your phone to set reminders for tasks that take longer then expected.
Juno Z.
One should always have designated places for one's items, that way you will know where everything is to a certain time. Also to have consistent routines that one follow daily, in that way you can mostly be prepared even for busy mornings.
The more the rutine is set into you, the faster and automatically it will go in the morning.
Ian Z.
You can save time by creating habits, like having specific breakfasts, or having a specific road to drive in that you know that has less traffic. It doesn't have to be the night before, it sure needs some experience though on what and where you want to save time from. However, what you have to be careful of is not to rush all the time and getting abscessed with saving time. Because you will end up having the same day repeated over and over again. It's alright not to be prepared all the time or to be late from time time. It's the difference that makes life exciting. But sure if you want to organise your self like in morning routine, projects, vacation° you should make a plan that's based on previous knowledge. That could be personal experience, guidance from someone else or research. No need to be the previous night though…
Mikkel B.
You can do that by trying to "program" yourself to work in a "robotic" way – without thinking too much. You know what you have to do – don't waste your time on analyzing your every step.
Rosa E.
You can take 10 min and plan a week ahead and avoid having to plan each day separately. also when making something you can make more and save in the fridge or freezer. Another option is to decide to eat the same thing every day and avoid confusion
Emily P.
By chooosing a time to plan and relflect once a week, say Sunday morning pn the upcoming week. Then first thing every morning go over tasks that were not accomplished the day before and add and reprioritize them for that day. Making sure to allow enough time and set appropriate boundries to new requests so you do not overextend yourself and your commitments. Be sure to schedule time for self care daily to be successful.
Grace J.
I keep a standby of healthy grab and go options. Such as fruit, pkg cheese slices. Replacement meal bars. Yogurts. Bagged apple slices and cheese smackers.
Keeping healthy grab and go options in the home and car, makes it more easily able to avoid, fast food drive thrus.
But I do feel more accomplished, when I do prepare the night before. It also takes away unneeded stressors.
Maik Y.
Everything always having a place and a purpose. Getting in the habit of having everything where they are assigned by you allows for ease in the long run because there is no question where anything is and also no question as to where it should go. Less confusion and even if you're messy, its organized mess🤷🏾‍♀️. Those 10mins you're lying awake in bed trying to fall asleep is a good time to mentally run through a morning plan too! So while you're closing your eyes you can think to yourself, "ok cool I'm going to wear this shirt and those pants and leave my hair this way. I'll grab a banana for breakfast and if I have time I'll do tea but as a backup I'll grab a teabag and throw it in my pocket for work." It helps you doze off as well as internalize a game plan so you can wake up and focus less on decision making.
Gustav P.
I don't have any idea. I understood that planning the night before saves much time for me on the next day. Also evening planing takes the less time than planning at morning because of I am not very productive after sleep at once.
Timm A.
I believe you can not save time unless you plan your day the night before. For instance having your gym bag ready with everything you will need by your bed or even in your car. So there is nothing that gets in the way of your plan and success.
R Mi P.
Good question. I think that if you want to save time to write out your log that you do it before bed but if that is difficult to do with your schedule you could do one of 2 things . Either write it during your lunch break at work or wake up 5 minutes before you usually do and write it then. Waking up to do this might even get you to be more productive thatmorning! I hope I helped. Have a great day ❤️
Morris Q.
I pick the most efficient routine. For breakfast, I only need to do groceries shopping once a week. I wake up a bit earlier so my morning isn't super chaotic and then I have time to think about what I need to do, like drink water or eat breakfast. After a few times these changes in routine will become your part of your morning or evening and will happen mindlessly.
Janus X.
Yes , for sure when you plan everything ahead you will succeed and save time. By planning before you are more likely to speed up and it can lead to good choices as well.
Seleni P.
Save time by finding things that support your routine but also make your routine faster. For example, in the mornings you can eat a good breakfast such as a protein bar and a fruit instead of having to make a big meal you still get most nutrients that will hold you until lunch.
Jeanne E.
I'm not so sure you can. A lot of good habits is setting yourself up for success which almost always involves some planning