What do you do about breakfast when you’re running late?

Hanny O.
I will just buy at the school canteen; usually biscuits and during recess, that is the time I get to eat proper breakfast. Then sometimes I will not eat breakfast and go straight to lunch.
Logan O.
I intermittent fast. My first meal of the day is late morning and it’s a non-negotiable. I’m self-employed so can mostly structure my day to how it suits me. Eating regularly and nutritiously are non-negotiables in my world 🙏🏻
Catherine Z.
I quickly make a cup of coffee and have some cereals. Or I can drink a cup of tea or water instead of coffee. If I don't have milk or cereals I can eat sandwiches with something I find in fridge.
Charlixi N.
If I can take it with me to wherever I am going then I would do that, but if I can’t then I would just eat a bigger lunch 🥙
Math O C.
I just fill up a thermos or a reusable tall cup with hot water and I put a teabag in there, so the tea is ready and a bit cooled off when I arrive at school/work; plus, I grab a piece of fresh fruit and possibly a slice of homemade cake, or a granola bar and dried fruits, to eat when I get there!
Josefin A.
I don’t actually eat breakfast then I think. But it very much depends on what I have at home. I almost always have time to brew some coffee which I can bring in a thermos – that way at least I get some energy from that. I usually don’t feel hungry after a while, at least until I’m out of coffee and it’s almost lunch. If I have something easy to bring at home, I try to do that. Or in the case of nowadays, with corona – I usually let myself be late and eat breakfast anyway.. or I eat as I go to a lecture or something.
Achim U.
usually i just won’t eat breakfast and even if i’m not running late but after quarantine i’ve started eating breakfast more regularly so i’m not quite sure because i haven’t run late anywhere yet. but of i knew i had somewhere to be then i would probably already have prepared something or gotten something quick to make ready for the next day
Haitam T.
I prepare something easy to eat or make the night before, ans even if i didn't get to eat in timw i go to neqrby store and i buy something healthy and refreshing to Kickstart the day
Aladino A.
I try to do something quick but i always try to eat eggs. Because it’s really important and also breakfast is superrr important. And I really love breakfast so even I’m running late I make my breakfast and start my day.