Is fruit salad a good choice of breakfast if it contains bananas?

Logan S.
I think that banana for breakfast is so nutritious I recommended specially with oatmeal to start the day , it will make your breakfast complete
Maribel Q.
Fruit salad is a great option for a breakfast as it contains lots of vitamins and nutrients to kick start your day. There are lots of options to for what you put in your fruit salad, bananas contain lots of potassium which is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure and healthy muscles. But it's up to your personal taste with what you put in your fruit salad, you can't go wrong.
Marie Y.
I think, yes. Bananas are fruits, and you need to eat fruits for breakfast, so why not? You also need some wholegrains and a cup of tea or coffee.
Lou A.
No. You need protein to stay full and keep up immunity and healthy fats to absorb fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K. Fat also slows digestion so you aren’t ravenous 2 hours later. Try adding nonfat Greek yogurt and a few walnuts to make the salad more nutritionally balanced. Then whatever fruit makes you happy.
Nicklas C.
Yes, banana is something I like and I know that it is pretty Healthy , so I would definetly say yes to a fruit salad with banana
Clifford J.
Yes i think it really boost the energy, especially which come with banana. Banana in every day is very healthy and constrain our abs muscle. Quite challenging
Maureen F.
It depends on your goals. Bananas are calorie-dense (also nutrient-rich) so yes I’m terms of quick energy and fiber, but if you’re looking to curb calories, be aware fruit salad is high in sugar. Perhaps put your fruit salad over plain unsweetened yogurt to get some protein in there. Add a tablespoon of chopped nuts for more protein and healthy fats.
Delores C.
I think a banana is good in a fruit salad because it ha potassium in it. First I even thought they were bad as it had high sugar content but afterwards I realised it’s natural and now include it in. I love grapes and bananas and for some reason cannot eat anything else!
Jonas F.
I'm not a nutritionist but I think it is OK. I'd add natural yoghurt and possibly some ground flaxseed and a few nuts to increase the protein and omega 3
Romain G.
Of course! Bananas are great for breakfast, especially in a fruit salad. Just keep the salad simple, containing only fruits and maybe some granola/müsli
Adiel E.
I would personally prefer a more caloric breakfast so you don’t get hungry again before lunchtime. My favorite is oats with bananas and almond milk.
Kevin U.
I think it depends on how many bananas are in it vs high sugar fruits. High sugar will cause a crash and low energy but bananas increase energy. I would pair this with protein like eggs.
Gerhard J.
I would say yes. But breakfast is also all about the protein. Be sure to add some almonds to it or walnuts to add plenty of protein. In addition, you always want to make sure to use plain Greek yogurt if possible for the fruit salad.
Vicki U.
In my opinion it is. Although fruit has a high level of “sugar” it also contains fiber that help the body process the it and not have a sugar peak.
Alma C.
Some fruits which contains vitamin c are also vital for a nice morning salad..banana of cource high in calcium helps the heart rate and the recuperation of the tired muscles!