I get tired of eating oatmeal every morning. Any other really quick options for breakfast?

Alma C.
I would try something like yogurt, a fruit like a banana and a glass of non-diary , like almond or walnut milk. If you prefer a savoury breakfast you could try some eggs, bacon and some bread. I also like to prepare some protein pancakes sometimes, with a little bit of maple syrup and fruit on top
Agatha F.
Yeah you can eat toast with biscof it is a biscuit spread or some fruit my favorite at berries or some savory waffles if you are more hungry I hope this helps!
Aisha N.
If you want quick options, then breakfast smoothies are your best friends! Just toss anything (healthy) you have around the house into that blender, and got yourself a morning packed with all the nutrients you need; you can take it on your way to work/school in the morning, freeze for later, or enjoy it on the spot. My personal favorite is blending bananas, peanut butter or almond butter, oats (optional), milk of your choice, sweetener of your choice (I tend to use honey or dates), a tiny bit of vanilla extract, and maybe some protein powder if I feel like it.
Vidharthi N.
Try avocado and toast. Smash half an avocado and spread it on toast. Then make any type of egg you want (omelette, scrambled, sunny side up, etc) and put it on top. It is seriously AMAZING!! If you want more of a sweet option, try my healthy pancakes recipe. Take a banana and smash it up real nice. Then blend 1/2 a cup of raw oatmeal to make it smooth like a powder. Then add the powder to the bananas and add milk as necessary. You can make it into pancakes or waffles. Top with anything you want. I usually do peanut butter and some berries. Good luck :))
Neea Z.
Make your breakfast ready the evening before so you can just grab it from the fridge every morning. Try raw porridge, healthy sandwiches or wraps.