What should I eat that is easy to make?

Darryl Y.
Eat more healthy food like cereals and egg fries. Get more protein and less sugar and unhealthy food. It is ok to eat with friends, but never alone. When alone, eat something that is healthy.
Oscar E.
I’m not a foodie, so everything I eat is easy to make! I’m a grab and snack kinda person – for me it’s simply about fuel and I’m not one to spend an hour on preparing a meal that takes 10 minutes to eat… or maybe I’m just lazy! I’m lucky I like whole foods and don’t have a sweet tooth, but a “salad” for me is a tomato, a carrot, some lettuce, cheese and smoked salmon, tuna or chicken on a plate… and then I let my teeth do the chopping and my stomach do the mixing! 😂
Ella F.
A smoothie is a good option. Its easy to make and you can put lots of vegetables. If you add an apple or a banana, it will make kale taste pretty good.
Liva A.
Anything that can be made in less than 10 mins works! Like scrambled egg, toast with smoked salmon, grill chicken( if marinated) it takes under 15 mins!
Jose W.
Fruits, oatmeal and honey/ eggs /tomatoes with light cheese with olive oil/ dried fruits with mixed unsalted nuts/ cheese sandwich with turkey
Shuntu O.
You can throw some chicken into a slow cooker. I season it up the way I like first. When it’s done I can use it for meals throughout the week. I like making chicken salad sandwiches using Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
I also like making chicken chili.
Elsa G.
Porridge. Buy the packets you just add milk to. Some fresh fruit, a bit of nutmeg or cinnamon and a bit of sugar will be a great way to start your day. Blueberries are great brain food and bananas give you lots of energy
Julio U.
I think that eating oatmeal and or fruits with peanut butter (banana, apple) is easy and good to eat. It will make you feel full and it is healthy. Also, also it will keep you satisfied throughout the day until lunch.
Steven N.
Fruit bowl, or bag of cherry tomatoes or grapes for on the go.If you have time to make eggs, do it. Boiled eggs are good.You want to stick to things as close to their natural form as possible.Trust me,you will feel 10x's better.

Also pre-prepping veggies to put in scrambled eggs help, you can freeze the prepped veggies and they will stay good longer. Just whenever you are cooking with that particular veggie, cut some extra, put in freezer baggy, and put in freezer.